Jolt! Get the Jump on a World That’s Constantly Changing
by Phil Boatwright

BURBANK, Calif. – In this digital age, technology and media have delivered many benefits but have also brought about tremendous frustration.

“For better or worse, disruption is the word that best describes twenty-first century living,” says Phil Cooke, speaker, media consultant and author of Jolt! Get the Jump on a World That’s Constantly Changing (April 19, 2011, Thomas Nelson). “Jolt! was written to help people navigate today's culture of change and disruption and use it to their advantage.”

A practical, step-by-step process designed to help transform people’s circumstances and change their life for the better, the book reveals twenty-five "jolts" that anyone can leverage to establish a new direction, maximize his or her potential, overcome insecurity and create their desired future.

Cooke, a linchpin in the media industry, has spent the past three decades helping organizations who have hit a wall evolve and flourish. Whether it was decreased revenue, falling ratings, a dip in donations or leadership challenges, he found that the biggest problems in moving forward were not organizational problems, but people problems. He also realized that the same key principles that govern change in business also govern change in life, and decided to disseminate this valuable information into one guidebook. Jolt! is meant to encourage people to understand and embrace change on a personal level, and use it as a catalyst for advancement and improvement in all aspects of life.

“There are plenty of books that focus on individual areas—motivation, changing habits, creativity, making decisions and more,” says Cooke. “The key to Jolt! is that it’s a 30,000 foot view that shows how it all works together.”

Whether it’s to redirect a personal life path, or inject new life into an organization, Jolt! can help readers reach their goals. From the real truth about change to the importance of creativity to the freedom of accountability, Cooke shares the secrets that allow people to become their own change agent and open up a world of new possibilities.

Phil Cooke can speak to:
“But we’ve always done it this way!”: Why routine is bad business.
Mistaking loyalty for competence: How some of your most loyal employees are the least valuable.
Start thinking in reverse: It’s not the message you send, it’s the message that’s received that counts.
Increasing your brand’s potential through better, long-range thinking.
How sheer motivation overcomes lack of knowledge, resources and skill in your field

PHIL COOKE () is a writer, speaker, filmmaker and sought-after media consultant. His media company, Cooke Pictures, advises many of the largest and most effective churches and nonprofit organizations in the world. A founding partner in the commercial production company TWC Films, he also produces national advertising for some of the largest companies in the country. His new book, Jolt! Get the Jump on a World That’s Constantly Changing was birthed out of 30 years working with organizations around the world.

Endorsements for Jolt!

“Phil Cooke can help you make disruption and change the source of your success – not the end of it.  Jolt! Offers practical tips on how to manage circumstances, emotions and unforeseen changes to your advantage.  Read it and embrace your new reality.”
-Tim Sanders, former Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo! and author of Love Is The Killer App

"Jolt! may be the best book yet from one of the most innovative communicators of our generation.  In this sure-to-be bestseller, Phil Cooke deals with the issue of change in a way that allows us to embrace it rather than fear it, to benefit from it rather than to be hurt by it, and to harness it as a means of achieving a real and positive change in every area of our life.  This book is for everyone."  
–Joel Osteen, Senior Pastor, Lakewood Church

"JOLT will motivate you to adapt and change to our ever evolving world......
Phil Cooke's clear and frank writing style speaks directly to today's readers, applicable for  both personal and business sides of us all."
- Mark Zoradi - Former President of Walt Disney Motion Picture Group

“The world has changed and nothing will ever be the same again. Most people have reacted by hunkering down and settling into survival mode. In Jolt!, Phil Cooke brilliantly shows us that we were created for something far greater. We don’t have to have life dictated to us. We can rise above the chaos and stay ahead of the curve.”
-Steven Furtick, Lead Pastor, Elevation Church; author of Sun Stand Still

"In today's fast-paced world, nothing stays static for long. "Jolt" provides smart ideas on how to embrace change in a tangible and powerful way."
- Dan Lin, Producer of Sherlock Holmes 1 & 2, and Executive Producer of Terminator Salvation

"Phil Cooke will jolt your world. He does mine. This is why when our ministry wants to fast forward we talk to Phil. Jolt puts in your head a lifetime of Phils best ideas. It will rock your world and change the way you think." 
-- Pastor Jack Graham, Prestonwood Church, and founder of PowerPoint Ministries

“Phil Cooke has to be one of the greatest voices in our world today to address the topics he brings out in his book Jolt!  Get the Jump on a World That's Constantly Changing. His experience in industry and in religion combine to give him a powerful perspective on culture. I believe that our ability to communicate with our constantly-changing world will hinge on understanding and acting on the truths Phil writes in this book. Phil is helping me and our organization to get to jumping!”
-Dino Rizzo, Lead Pastor, Healing Place Church,

"When I created the nationwide "Get Motivated Seminars," one of my driving passions was to help professionals understand today's rapidly changing business world.  "Jolt!" is a roadmap for understanding those changes.  If you're serious about success, this is the book I recommend."
- Peter Lowe, founder of the Get Motivated Seminars