Big Momma's House

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Entertainment: +3

Content: -2

FBI agent Malcolm Turner (Martin Lawrence) is a master of disguise and likes being in the middle of the action. So a stake-out in a small southern town with his partner, John (Paul Giamatti), is not the best assignment. Since the escape of bank robber Lester Vesco (Terrance Howard), Malcolm and John are keeping an eye on Hattie Mae Pearce (Ella Mitchell), known as Big Momma to her granddaughter Sherry (Nia Long). Sherry was Lesters girlfriend before the robbery and the FBI thinks shell lead them to the still unfound money. But when Big Momma suddenly leaves town, Malcolm puts his make-up skills to work, transforming himself into the rather large, elderly woman to fool Sherry. And everyones eyebrows are raised by the unexpected moves from Big Momma. But can Malcolm get Sherry to confess before Lester arrives or Big Momma comes back? And things get complicated when Malcolm finds himself falling for Sherry. This comedy romance is sure to be a big hit with older teens and young adults.

Unfortunately, many of the laughs come from crude or sexually suggestive content. Flatulence sounds and funny faces create the humor as Malcolm hides in the shower while Big Momma uses the bathroom. The scene also features female rear nudity as she undresses to get in the shower where Malcolm is hiding. John is shown with an icebag on his lap after Big Momma kicks him. Shadows on the window shade give a sexual impression as John tries to help Malcolm tighten his costume. And when a storm gives Sherry bad dreams, she climbs in bed with the disguised Malcolm which leads to a suggestive joke about a flashlight under the covers. A suitor of Big Mommas is caught in bed with one of her neighbors, implying sexual activity. Some people may be offended by scenes in the gospel church where Malcolm gets up as Big Momma and testifies about telling the truth and using one of the 17 s-words. Crude language also turns up frequently. Some martial arts type fights and a few gun shots provide limited violence. But visits to BIG MOMMAS HOUSE are discouraged.

Preview Reviewer: Paul Bicking
20th Century Fox, 10201 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Many (37) times - Mild 26, moderate 11

Obscene Language: Many (18) times - S-word 17, other 1

Profanity: Several (8) times - Regular 3 (J 2, Lord 1), exclamatory 5

Violence: Several times - Moderate (marital arts type kicks, hits, man kicked in crotch, comic self-defense class, gun shots)

Sex: Implied once (unmarried couple in bed)

Nudity: Once (female rear); Near nudity - few times (woman in underwear)

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Many times (comments about womans body, shadows give sexual impression, woman asks about flashlight in bed, naked man in womans bed says wants to give her love)

Drugs: None but reference to morphine being better than aspirin

Other: Flatulence noises, humorous midwifing scene, Bible quoted in church, comments about lusting, Gospel music sung

Running Time: 90 minutes
Intended Audience: Older teens and young adults

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