Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

MPAA Rating: R

Entertainment: +2 1/2

Content: -3 1/2

American movie humor has sunk to another all-time low in this crude comedy about a down and out fish tank cleaner who turns male prostitute. It stars comedian Rob Schneider as Deuce Bigalow who has just lost his job at the Los Angeles Aquarium. But hes hired by a handsome, wealthy male prostitute, Antoine Laconte (Oded Fehr), to take care of his very expensive, personal aquarium while Antoine is on a business trip. But Deuce manages to accidentally destroy Antoines aquarium and must make some money to replace it. So he becomes a male prostitute himself, aided by a comical pimp played by Eddie Griffin. Deuces lady clients all turn out to be rather strange, including ones who are very obese, unusually tall, have a sleeping disease and another who uncontrollably shouts out obscenities. But among these, he meets the love of his life, Claire (Gail OGrady), an attractive young lady who has an artificial leg. Deuces life is filled with continuous slapstick, humorous incidents of all sorts, most of which are crude and sexually oriented. All these antics will appeal to those who thrive on inane, crude, sexual comedy, but the rest of us will be bored and appalled.

Presented in a comical vein, this movie about male prostitutes, a pimp, and illicit sexual encounters makes the audience less critical and more accepting of these activities. Still, a commendable message is worked into story which says it is important to make women feel attractive and good about their self worth. But this theme is overwhelmed by crude humor including many offensive references to sex, genitals and breasts. Constant use of sexual innuendoes, crude sexual slang and antics pollute the film from beginning to end. And bathroom humor is exploited with incidents involving passing gas, bowel movement sounds and crude references to human excrement. Actual sex is shown only once in a glimpse at a porn movie, and only rear nudity is shown a few times in the film. Sex is implied several times, and comical scenes of male sensual dancing and near nudity are shown. And with all this sexual crudity comes much crude and obscene language, along with several profanities. This abomination is produced by Disneys Touchstone Pictures and is another black mark on Disneys record. Avoid this one like the plague.

Preview Reviewer: John Evans
Buena Vista Pictures Distribution (Disney), 3900 W. Alameda Blvd., Burbank, CA 91521

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Many (11) times - Mild 2, Moderate 9

Obscene Language: Many (at least 30) times - S word 7, other - at least 23, no f words

Profanity: Many (11) times - Regular 5 (GD 3, God 1, Jeez 1), Exclamatory 6 (Oh My God, Oh God)

Violence: Many times Moderate (House aquarium destroyed, karate fight, kick in genitals, rough treatment, objects thrown at man, injury threats, attempts to kill man, cop hits man with stick, woman slaps man)

Sex: Once (brief view of porn movie - male rear nudity)

Nudity: Few (3) times - Male rear nudity, once in sex scene; Near Nudity - Almost nude man with hand over genitals, woman in revealing wet t-shirt, woman in sensual underwear, man in tight briefs, occasional female cleavage

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Almost continuous - Man simulates sex with commode plunger, sounds from couple having sex, many crude slang references to sex/ genitals/ and breasts, seductive woman on bed, many crude references to male prostitutes, man and woman in sexual embraces on bed, man exposes himself to another man - but audience not shown, men do erotic dance, man concerned about his genital size

Drugs: Few times alcohol drinking in bar

Other: Sounds of passing gas and bowel movement in rest room, humor developed around women who are blind, tall, fat, diseased, and handicapped, desirable message of making women feel attractive and good about themselves

Running Time: 84 minutes
Intended Audience: Persons over 17 years of age

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