Eye For An Eye

MPAA Rating: R

Entertainment: +2

Content: -2 1/2

Karen McCann (Sally Field) thinks she has a good life until her daughter is raped and killed. Robert Doob (Keifer Sutherland) is arrested and all the evidence supports his guilt. The case is dismissed on a legal technicality and Doob goes free. Karen becomes obsessed with catching Doob. When she attends a support group, she learns about a vigilante action that helps people like her. But is it justice she wants or revenge? Karen begins self-defense and gun classes in preparation. Although warned by a friendly FBI agent about the vigilante group, Karen must decide whether to work with or outside the system. She decides to go it alone. EYE FOR AN EYE's predictable plot and stereotyped characters make for an average movie-going outing.

When Karen's daughter is raped, Karen can hear her screams on her cellular phone but is helpless because she is stuck in traffic. The screams would be enough, but the camera intercuts scenes at the house as the daughter is raped and then hit with an ice sculpture. A second rape is also shown as Doob violently attacks another woman. Karen takes the law into her own hands, stalking Doob and reporting his actions to the police. They advise her to stop stalking, which is illegal, and to join a support group. She becomes paranoid and in one scene thinks she is being followed by a dangerous man into the parking garage. After kicking him, she learns he was just going to his car. Although apologetic, Karen feels empowered by her actions. Negative portrayals of law enforcement personnel include a police sergeant threatening Doob, then hitting him in the crotch and a lesbian female FBI agent who befriends Karen. The demented Doob wears a cross and hangs one in his car, another example of Hollywood's animosity towards Christianity. With its many crudities, obscenities and profanities, plus graphic violence and negative portrayals of police, this reflection on a travesty of justice is a travesty in itself. EYE FOR AN EYE has something to offend almost everyone.

Preview Reviewer: Paul Bicking
Paramount Communications, Inc., 15 Columbus Circle, NY, NY 10023-7780

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Many (18) times - Mild 15, Moderate 3

Obscene Language: Many (26) times - F-word 14, s-word 7, other 5

Profanity: Many (11) times - Regular 5 (GD 2, J/JC 3), Exclamatory 6

Violence: Many times - Moderate and severe (girl attacked and raped; ice block smashes girl off-screen; pictures of battered girl; man tackled, hits to crotch, woman hits and kicks man, woman viciously attacked and raped; bloody body shown; fall down stairs; graphic shooting)

Sex: Implied once (married couple in bed)

Nudity: None; Near nudity (women in underwear, obscured female side nudity through shower curtain)

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Few times (sensual kissing; reference to condom use)

Drugs: Cigarettes, alcohol drinking

Other: Man urinates on bush, coffee poured on dog, killer wears religious jewelry, police shown as ineffective

Running Time: Unknown
Intended Audience: Adults

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