Drop Dead Gorgeous

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Entertainment: +1 1/2

Content: -3

This satirical comedy looks at a small town competition which both mothers and daughters take very seriouslythe local beauty pageant. The local pageant In Mount Rose, Minnesota, is run by former winner Gladys Leeman (Kirstie Alley) and this year, her daughter, Becky (Denise Richards), is in the line up. Becky has been trained from birth to have perfect poise, diction and that winning smile. But she may have some competition in Amber Atkins (Kirsten Dunst). Amber's mother, Annette (Ellen Barkin), was also a former pageant contestant but now does hair and fake fingernails out of her trailer home. Always cheerful, Amber dreams of being a TV anchorwoman like Diane Sawyer, also a small town pageant winner. Amber makes the best of her after school job at the funeral home. Becky comes from the richest family in town and Gladys will do anything to smooth the way for Becky's win, even if she has to kill off the competition. DROP DEAD GORGEOUS is a sometimes humorous parody of small town mentality. But its cruel, sadistic humor and beauty pageant theme should draw limited audiences.

Mount Rose may be a small town, but its citizens have all the vices of a large city. One judges mentally challenged son, referred to as a "retard," is teased by local children. Another judge implies lustful thoughts when he talks about the young girls in the pageant. One contestant comments about being "late" and later makes comments about bites on her neck and thighs. Sex is implied when she jumps into a boy's arms and they fall on the grass. There's no nudity, but girls are seen in their underwear. Dead bodies are shown at Amber's work with comments about hunting accidents. And Becky is shown firing guns as head of a local gun club. Foul language occurs frequently, including many profanities. Perhaps most offensive is Becky's talent performance as she dances with a life-size Jesus doll attached to a crucifix with wheels. She also says, "Jesus loves winners," implying she has a better chance at the pageant. With equally poor images of small town rich and "trailer trash," DROP DEAD GORGEOUS should just be dropped.

Preview Reviewer: Paul Bicking
New Line Cinema, 888 7th Ave, 20th Flr., NY, NY 10106, (212) 649-4900

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Many (35) times - mild 13, moderate 22

Obscene Language: Many (13) times - f-word 1, s-word 8, other 3, finger gesture 1

Profanity: Many (42) times - Regular 23, exclamatory 19

Violence: Several times - Moderate and severe (explosions, dead bodies in morgue, slaps, burned hand, light falls on performer, pushing, hair pulling, gun shooting)

Sex: Implied once (girl jumps on guy and they fall to ground)

Nudity: None; Near nudity - few times (girl in underwear, low cut blouses)

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Woman looks at boy's crotch, man lusts after teenage girls, man pats woman on buttocks, girl comments about being late, headpiece implies phallic symbol, sensual kissing, girl refers to teeth marks on thighs, camera closeup of girls chest, crude references to sex

Drugs: Alcohol, beer drinking and smoking (marijuana implied once) - including by minors

Other: Father verbally abusive to daughter, anorexia/bulimia patient portrayed humorously, ethnic slurs, son referred to as retard-teased by children, scenes/references to vomiting, girl dances with Jesus doll attached to crucifix

Running Time: 90 minutes
Intended Audience: Older teens and adults

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