Last Ounce of Courage

MPAA Rating: PG

Entertainment: +3

Content: +3

This independent film promotes patriotism and Christian values.

FILM SYNOPSIS: A newly married young man goes off to war and doesn’t come back. At first it devastates his entire family, but their love of country and strong Christian ethic binds them together to live and fight for another cause – the rights of Christians and their celebration of a national holiday – Christmas.

PREVIEW REVIEW: This poignant story is aimed at the family and the faithful. It reminds us, as did Ronald Reagan when he said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction…,” that we must be vigilant concerning our rights and freedoms. Then it takes on the erroneous belief that separation of church and state means Christmas must not be acknowledged.

While it is a story about forgiveness and healing, it is also a dramatic challenge to take back the rights we have surrendered throughout the past few decades.

On a personal note, I was reminded of just how secularized Christmas has become when I went searching for a welcome mat that said, “Merry Christmas.” There were many holiday-themed mats, mostly saying “Happy Holidays.” But I met with failure as I looked all over town for something that said “Merry Christmas.” Then I realized it was difficult finding anything with Merry Christmas on it.

Film after holiday film speaks of Christmas as a season for family, but few of these films ever mention the true meaning of the day, the birth of Jesus. It’s the day we set aside to be reminded that He came into this world as the greatest gift the world would ever know. Yet, most films, especially recent ones, celebrate everything but the birth of our Savior. I don’t think it’s really about being sensitive to others with different religious beliefs. I think the entertainment world as well as the secular world around us want us to disregard Christ and His sacrifice.

This film reminds us of this deceitful dispute. What’s more, it does so in an amusing, diverting manner. The filmmaker and his cast never lose site of the fact that this is a movie and a movie’s first obligation is to entertain.

The PG-rated film stars Marshall R. Teague, Jennifer O’Neill and Fred Williamson, and is directed by Darrel Campbell and Kevin McAfee. Darrel Campbell is also the writer.

Though rated PG for the war scenes and mature subject matter, it is a clean film and I didn’t catch any crude or offensive language. It is a perfect movie for the holiday season. Sorry, for the Christmas season.

Preview Reviewer: Phil Boatwright

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Running Time: 101 minutes
Intended Audience: Families

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