Leap Year

MPAA Rating: PG

Entertainment: +1/2

Content: +1/2

Amy Adams, Matthew Goode. Romantic comedy. Written by Deborah Kaplan, Harry Elfont, Simon Beaufoy. Directed by Anand Tucker.

FILM SYNOPSIS: Following an Irish tradition in which a man must say yes if proposed to on a leap day, a woman travels to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend. Her plane gets re-routed to Wales and during the journey from Wales to Ireland; the young woman falls in love (slowly) with her cab driver, a rather belligerent chap with lots of attitude and little regard for her lifestyle.

PREVIEW REVIEW: In 1934, It Happened One Night earned the top five Oscars for a story very similar to Leap Year. Familiarity, however, breeds contempt. Since 1934, there have been countless films meant to amuse us concerning a gal about to marry a schmuck, until she meets the opposite guy of her dreams. Each of these productions has sailed or sunk depending on the likeability of its two protagonists. No matter how foolish they are until the last reel, itís hard not to like Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert in It Happened One Night. Other actors, not so masterly directed by the likes of Frank Capra, have not faired so well in what has become a comedy sub-genre.

Now, I canít really review Leap Year. I can only describe the first torturous hour, as I walked out after that, not caring if this dim bulb of a character finally hooked up with the cab-driving jerk. Sorry, donít be offended, there is no nice word for Matthew Goodeís character. Jerk fits the bill, therefore, it is a use of language. Iím assuming he gets the girl by filmís end, but heís such an unlikable ďfree spiritĒ that I felt she could have done better staying in America and getting a home-grown taxi driver. But as I say, Iím not critiquing this film. Iím just wondering if anything creative or truly humorous that might have occurred in that final 30-some minutes, whether on purpose or by accident, could make up for the abomination of film technique I witnessed in the first hour.

I am curious though. In upcoming reviews by those more steadfast, will the words lame, unfunny, dismal or mundane be written about this piffle? I suspect so. But, I could be wrong. Remember, this is not a review.

Preview Reviewer: Phil Boatwright

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Crude Language: Not reviewed.

Obscene Language: Not reviewed.

Profanity: In the first hour, Jesusí name was profaned twice and the expression ďOh my GodĒ was uttered a couple of times by the lead actress. What occurred after that, I could not say as I left out of frustration, having to view a film that could only be amusing to the parents of the leads.

Violence: Not reviewed.

Sex: Not reviewed.

Nudity: Not reviewed.

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Not reviewed.

Drugs: Not reviewed.

Other: Not reviewed.

Running Time: Not reviewed.
Intended Audience: Not reviewed.

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