MPAA Rating: R

Entertainment: +1/2

Content: -3

Starring Karl Urban, Moon Bloodgood (I kid you not), and Russell Means. Period action adventure. Written by Laeta Kalogridis, Nils Gaup. Directed by Marcus Nispel.

FILM SYNOPSIS: An action-adventure set in the time when Vikings tried to conquer North America, Pathfinder tells the heroic story of a young Norse boy left behind after his clan shipwrecks on the Eastern shores. Despite his lineage, the boy is raised by the very Indians his kinsmen set out to destroy. Now, as the Vikings return to stage another barbaric raid on his village, the 25-year-old Norse warrior (Karl Urban) wages a personal war to stop the Vikings trail of death and destruction.

PREVIEW REVIEW: From opening to close, its replete with brutal imagery, reminding us of the damage Middle Age swords and maces can inflict. Like Conan, Tarzan and Rambo, the lead bests his foes by slicing and dicing with just a little more skill than his bulky opponents. Darkly filmed, unevenly paced, and directed with no more on its mind than to portray mindless savagery, much like a sadistic video game. Pathfinders main audience will undoubtedly consist of those among us who enjoy seeing heads cut off or bashed in. It should do well. Theres a scary thought.

Preview Reviewer: Phil Boatwright
20th Century Fox

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Crude Language: These people dont use crude speech they just grunt a lot.

Obscene Language: The baddies call the woman bitch and the man bastard. No usage of the s- or f-words. Evidently those expletives came from the Spanish conquerors or the Italians, or was it the Pilgrims?

Profanity: None

Violence: From scene one, we see graphic and disturbing imagery, such as a decaying corpse with a mean-looking spider crawling from its mouth; Lots of fearsome invaders bring barbarous havoc, while the uncharismatic lead brings vengeance. Heads are cut off or bashed in, women and children meeting the same fate as warriors. Swords and arrows pierce heads and vital organs. A boy is whipped, leaving scars. We see hanging corpses and witness torture and a mans body pulled apart, attempted rape, and dogs lunching on dead bodies. Etc. Blood: Oh, yeah, theres lots of blood.

Sex: Who has time for sex? Everybodys killing everybody.

Nudity: None

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: None

Drugs: The tribes chief smokes a pipe and blows the smoke, causing those who breathe it to relax, and then fall into a peaceful sleep. Hmmm.

Other: None

Running Time: 99 minutes
Intended Audience: Those who enjoyed The Hills Have Eyes, II

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