My Super Ex-Girlfriend

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Entertainment: +1

Content: -2

Uma Thurman, Luke Wilson, Anna Faris, Rainn Wilson, Eddie Izzard. Written by Don Payne. Directed by Ivan Reitman.

FILM SYNOPSIS: Everyones had a painful parting of the ways with a romantic partner. We pick up the pieces and move on. But for one New York guy, its not going to be so easy. When he breaks up with his girlfriend, he discovers his ex is actually the reluctant superhero, G-Girl. A scorned woman, she unleashes her super powers to humiliate and torment the beleaguered boyfriend.

PREVIEW REVIEW: Since all the genres have been done to death, Hollywood depends on the spin. Here, the comic book marvel gets a personality do-over. The protagonist has superpowers, but now shes also super vindictive. Our comic book super-heroine is also a needy, sulky, vengeful nutcase. Writer Don Payne and director Ivan Reitman also mix in a little romantic comedy and top off their action adventure with a heaping dose of exploitive bawdiness.

Still with all this spin, nothing seems new or creative. Theres a great deal of stereotypical humor coming from the salty best friend who knows far less about relationships than he constantly expresses, and whats a comedy like today without gobs of crude goo (check out the content) and excessive sexual activity from bodacious movie stars who feel no regret at allowing their bodies to be used as a graphic tease.

There are people who relish movies concerning the war between the sexes (War of the Roses, The Break-Up, Mr. and Mrs. Smith), but there comes a point where other movie goers are put off by the constant spitefulness of one or both main characters. Im in the category.

The film and effects have a stunning veneer, as does the films beautiful star. But with all thats going on, I doubt one will learn much about relationships or find any spiritual fulfillment. Oh, youll laugh, but youll be laughing at a great deal of outrageousness once considered offensive by most movie-going audiences.

Interesting fact: There are several films out or about to be released concerning the subject of women getting even with men usually in the most hostile of manners (Hard Candy, Lady Vengeance, John Tucker Must Die, My Super Ex-Girlfriend). Sounds like theres a lot of anger out there aimed at us men folk.

Preview Reviewer: Phil Boatwright
20th Century Fox

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Several slang terms that refer to sexuality and bodily functions.

Obscene Language: 10 obscenities, including at least 6 s-words. The film is also riddled with expletives ranging from damns and hells to pissed off and ass---.

Profanity: There is one use of Gods name followed by a curse and the expression oh my god is used throughout.

Violence: the violence is played for laughs, but the visuals are sometimes unnerving as when the lead, battling playfully with her boyfriend in a pillow fight, hits him so hard it knocks his head off. Two super creatures battle one another, throwing each other through walls and throwing huge objects such as automobiles at one another. Lots of Three- Stooges-like slapstick.

Sex: Theres a great deal of implied sex thats actually more actual than implied.

Nudity: A few shots of a mans naked bottom. The camera does exploit Ms. Thurmans physical beauty.

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: The films ribald humor relies heavily on sexual references and exploitive visuals. Theres a great deal of implied sex thats actually more actual than implied. At times theres little difference between the comedys approach to sexuality and a porno film. Perhaps not as graphic, but just as obvious. The film glorifies sex outside marriage.

Drugs: Several scenes feature social drinking.

Other: With all the sexual content and violent imagery, Im not sure how this film managed to escape an R rating.

Running Time: 95 minutes
Intended Audience: Older teens and adults

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