Fast and the Furious, The: Tokyo Drift

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Entertainment: +2

Content: -2

FILM SYNOPSIS: This third installment in the frenetic car franchise series has a rebellious teen (Lucas Black) sent overseas to live with his military father rather than do time in juvie for reckless driving. Hell be safe in Japan, for surely their youth dont race down busy thoroughfares, endangering themselves and others. Oops.

PREVIEW REVIEW: Although Lucas Black is a good actor, here he is just allowed to give attitude. Theres two bad guys, one funny guy (well, somewhat) and one girl who speaks (the other beauties just fill out the screen). Thoughtful acting or intelligent dialogue arent prerequisites for this series. Its about posturing, speed and lots of quick shots of voluptuous girls in snug-fitting clothing. The studio believes thats pretty much all thats needed to satisfy the intended audience. Hey, it was for me when I was sixteen.

Get the plate ready, here comes the sermon: When I was in college, I saw The Last Run, a movie that also contained fast car chases. Early the following Saturday morning, I got up and drove my Thunderbird (I was a lucky kid) to a stretch of country road and got it up to 100 MPH before getting nervous. I was pretty sure there would be no other cars, and it never occurred to me that there might be other sudden obstacles on a country road (I was a very lucky kid). I didnt have to pay a price that day, but I have since learned that while God and loved ones will forgive our mistakes, life is not so understanding. If it catches you in your mistake, youll pay dearly. I know, thats corny. I just dont want a teenager to live a life of regret. Parents (forgive the presumption, just want to make sure weve got this base covered) discuss racing often with your teens.

Video Alternatives: If you want to see one of the best action chase scenes ever filmed, see Bullitt (on the biggest screen you can). Although technology has come a great distance, what makes the chase scene in Bullitt so extraordinary is Steve McQueen. He was cool then. Hes cool now. (Footnote about McQueen: Did you know that Steve became a Christian toward the end of his life? It is said that when he passed away, he even had his Bible open to John 3:16.) Several exciting car chases occur in one of the funniest movies ever made: Its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. The Great Race is another hilarious film featuring an auto race. This comic salute to old-time melodramas stars Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood and Jack Lemmon. It has some of the funniest sight gags I have ever seen in a film. Not looking for laughs, just speed? Try Le Mans. Also starring McQueen, the documentary-styled script has McQueens character returning to the famed car race a year after being injured. It contains excellent racing footage.

Of course, The French Connection and Ronin also have great car chases, but I didnt include them as I feared viewers might object to the R-rated content in those two films.

Preview Reviewer: Phil Boatwright

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Some juvenile hazing becomes crude. A few crude sexual comments.

Obscene Language: 7 s-words, 1 f-word, 10 minor expletives (damns and hells). Profanity: 1 misuse of Gods name.

Profanity: 1 misuse of Gods name.

Violence: Several car wrecks, all too often taken lightly by those involved. Most of the violence revolves around dangerous car driving. Blood: Several characters are bloodied after a car crash. A fist fight leaves our hero with a bloodied face.

Sex: Lots of young women stand around dressed in revealing attire; most had to change into once they left their parents home. The lead sees his father with a prostitute.

Nudity: None

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Several crude sexual comments.

Drugs: Several scenes feature minor characters smoking and drinking.

Other: Theres a lack of morality or responsibility throughout. And women are mere objects in this film.`

Running Time: 98 minutes
Intended Audience: Teens and Adults

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