MPAA Rating: G

Entertainment: +3

Content: +3

Voices: Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, Bonnie Hunt, Larry the Cable Guy. Family animated action/comedy. Directed by John Lasseter.

FILM SYNOPSIS: After taking moviegoers magically into the realm of toys, bugs, monsters, fish, and superheroes, the wizards at Pixar Animation Studios (The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc.) and Academy Award-winning director John Lasseter (Toy Story, Toy Story 2, A Bugs Life), hit the road with a fast-paced comedy adventure set inside the world of cars. Lightning McQueen (voice of Owen Wilson), a hotshot rookie race car driven to succeed, discovers that life is about the journey, not the finish line, when he finds himself unexpectedly detoured in the sleepy Route 66 town of Radiator Springs.

PREVIEW REVIEW: With brilliant digital cartooning and masterfully voiced by its gifted cast, this skillfully retooled Doc Hollywood is a surefire winner for the whole family. Funny, yet subtly poignant, this action/comedy teaches life lessons to kids while tickling the funny bone of each family member.

Preview Reviewer: Phil Boatwright
Buena Vista/Pixar

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: A running backfire gag sounds like, well, the relief of gas. The lead is referred to as hot snot at one point.

Obscene Language: The self-absorbed lead character refers to the local community as Hillbilly Hell. That reference is repeated once.

Profanity: None

Violence: The film begins with a fast moving NASCAR-like race, complete with in-your-face car wrecks. Though the studio is careful not to abuse the youngest members of the audience, parents should attend with them in order to reassure. Theres also a dangerous race to beat an oncoming train.

Sex: None

Nudity: None

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: None

Drugs: None

Other: The story helps little ones understand the need to treat others well in order to attain fulfillment.

Running Time: 96 minutes
Intended Audience: Families

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