Mod Squad, The

MPAA Rating: R

Entertainment: +1 1/2

Content: -3

Three former teenage drug offenders, Julie (Claire Danes), Pete (Giovanni Ribisi), and Linc (Omar Epps), join the ranks of the LAPD as special undercover cops without guns or badges in the war against illegal drugs and prostitution. The young Mod Squad is sent into the citys hottest nightclubs to combat a major drug and teenage prostitution ring, which ends up involving some higher-ups within the police department. When another undercover cop is killed in a supposed drug deal gone bad, the members of the Mod Squad are implicated in the murder because of their past criminal records. In reality they are being set up by their own bosses and must prove their innocence by exposing these bad cops who are profiting from illegal activities. THE MOD SQUAD really is a very poor remake of a television classic and bears little resemblance to the original. Audiences are not likely to enjoy it any more than this reviewer did in screening the film, and may find themselves standing at the back of the theater to keep from falling asleep.

The Mod Squad, in an attempt to modernize the TV series, throws in just about every form of contemporary vice possible. Weve got cops dealing drugs, a teen prostitution ring, some very seedy nightclub scenes with lots of dirty dancing, premarital sex, and a dimension of violent activity definitely not present in the television series. Violence ranges from a bloody gunshot to the head and another intense gun battle where several are wounded or killed to some milder hitting and punching. Sexual references to unconventional sex, prostitutes, and other distasteful sexual innuendo further corrupt the acceptability of this film. One scene of sexual intercourse is shown in the hallway of a nightclub and sex is implied twice with men and women in bed, revealing both female breast nudity and near nudity. Language includes 42 f- and s-words, 19 mild and moderate crudities, 16 profanities. The message that drugs are bad and cops who deal them are even worse rings loud and clear in the movie, and justice does win in the end. But this movie really is no place for the moviegoer who values tasteful entertainment and actually expects to be entertained in the process.

Preview Reviewer: Cliff McNeely
Paramount Pictures, 555 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles CA 90038

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Many (19) times - Mild 5, Moderate 14

Obscene Language: Many (51) times (f-word 22, s-word 20, other 9)

Profanity: Many (16) times - Regular 8 (G, Gd, J), Exclamatory 6 (Oh My G, Oh G), Other 2 (for Gsakes, Swear to G)

Violence: Many times - Moderate to Graphic (chase threat, hitting and punching, head butts, man kicked in crotch, bloody dead body found on street, graphic shot to head, car explodes, graphic description of gunshot, car crashes into building, gun fight with several killed or wounded, shooting threat, girl smashes mirror, man beat with suitcase)

Sex: Once (in hallway of nightclub with sexual motion but no nudity); Implied twice (man and woman in bed with obscured female breast nudity, man and woman on bed in underwear)

Nudity: Once (obscured female breast nudity); Near Nudity: Few times (women in tight revealing clothing, men and women in underwear)

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: References to hookers, unconventional and kinky sex, fondling of female breasts and to male and female genitals, crude sexual innuendo, sexually suggestive dancing, kissing and caressing

Drugs: Cocaine, nightclubs with beer and hard liquor, cigarette smoking, girl gets drunk

Other: Cops involved in illegal activities are caught and arrested

Running Time: 94 min
Intended Audience: Young adults

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