Saw II

MPAA Rating: R

Entertainment: +2

Content: -4

In this horrific thriller, Detective Eric Mason (Donnie Wahlberg) investigates a gruesome death of a young man. Scavenger-hunt-like instructions are left with the body as is a jigsaw-puzzle piece cut out of the victims skin. The police and detectives are led directly to the killer, John (Tobin Bell), and quickly realize that John is a depraved sicko who for amusement sets up traps that inflict pain and ultimately death. John has arranged a game for Detective Mason, who must determine whether eight people abducted and brought to an abandoned house will live or die. To make it more interesting, the eight are exposed to a chemical that will kill them if they dont find the antidote in time. As the search ensues, the killer and the helpless police watch from close-circuit cameras. John reveals to his audience that Detective Masons son is one of the eight victims.

This twisted psychological thriller is the lowest level of movies. John, the jigsaw killer, is dying of cancer and feels cheated by life because it is being slowly and brutally taken from him. He realizes the value of living every moment and sees people all around him who are wasting their lives, including the eight people hes trapped in the abandoned house. Torture with extreme mental and physical abuse is made into a game; the victims are given rules and tragic consequences if they fail to follow them. John excuses himself from blame because he never actually does the killing. Its a rationalization of his pure evil intent. There is no moral justification for the films torturous situations that push people to the most gruesome of actions inflict on each other and on themselves. Saw II is an assault of violence, gore and vile language on the moviegoer. It should remain unseen.

Preview Reviewer: Brian Hughes
Lions Gate

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Several (8) times mild (hell 2); strong (-ss 3, b-tch 3)

Obscene Language: Many (66) times strong (f-word 43, s-word 16, BS 7)

Profanity: Several (5) times moderate (G 1); strong (GD 3, J 1)

Violence: Many times mild (boy steals, police break into an abandoned building with guns drawn, people are kidnapped, men shoving and pushing each other violently, man chases group with a knife, tables are turned over, man is threatened with a gun); moderate (man is beaten within an inch of his life, people throw up, people spit up blood, jigsaw pieces cut out of the skin of the victims, police officer has legs stabbed, officers are trapped in an electrified cage, chemical attack on a group of people, fighting, man cuts the back of his own neck and removes a patch of skin); strong (man cuts his own eye out, man has his head encased into a death mask, man is shot in the eye by a gun, gaping hole in the back of a mans head is shown several times, man is burned in an incinerator, man is impaled with a metal pole and removes it himself, man is hit in the head with a spiked bat, bat is later ripped from mans skull, womans hands are cut off in a device)

Sex: None

Nudity: Few times mild (women wear tops without bras, breasts noticeable through clothing)

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: None

Drugs: Several times mild (implied drug use by two women as they confess to being junkies, a confessed drug dealer is verbally abusive to women junkies); strong (woman jumps into a pool of syringes with drugs in them and is stuck by multiple needles)

Other: A police officer is accused of being unethical in catching criminals, boy admits to stealing, man rationalizes his horrific activities by pointing out the evil in others

Running Time: 92 minutes
Intended Audience: Adults

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