MPAA Rating: PG-13

Entertainment: +3

Content: -2

In this action-packed sci-fi flick, Ben (Josh Lucas), Kara (Jessica Biel) and Henry (Jamie Foxx) are chosen to pilot stealth fighter jets for the U.S. Navy. Their captain (Sam Shepard), unbeknownst to them, develops a pilotless stealth jet, affectionately named EDI, or Eddie, to one day replace human pilots. The three pilots must teach Eddie, a computer, how to fly during a raid on terrorists. As they return to their ship, Eddie is struck by lightning, which alters his computer language and causes him to develop emotions and become self-righteous. He strives to kill anyone who gets in his way, even his own team members, claiming to have learned it from Ben. While Eddie attempts to attack Russia, which could start the next world war, the others try to gain control over him. Those who enjoy action will find Stealth to be a great ride.

Virtue reigns over selfish gain, but not without consequences. This message is clearly presented in this film. Both Eddie and the captain are intent on pleasing only their own selfish desires, regardless of consequence. The emotional scars they cause others will last a lifetime. Though morality is upheld in Stealth, this military film exercises no limitation in its heavy amount of violence, but its not gratuitous. A bomb is dropped on a building, killing only terrorists. Protecting the innocent is a high priority, and those who fail to do so in one scene send a few citizens to an early grave. In addition to the violence - and in typical Hollywood fashion - unnecessary sexual innuendo and strong language find their way into the script, earning this film a negative rating.

Preview Reviewer: Peggy Misura
Columbia Pictures

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Many (21) times mild (hell 7, damn 6); moderate (b-stard 2); strong (-ss 5, b-tch 1)

Obscene Language: Many (19) times mild (pee 2); moderate (p-ss 1, cr-p 1); strong (f-word 1, s-word 12, finger gesture 1, p-ssy 1)

Profanity: Several (8) times moderate (G 2, thank G 1); strong (GD 2, J 1, C 2)

Violence: Many times moderate (bombs dropped in war, terrorists are killed when building is bombed, plane explodes and kills pilot, woman ejects from her plane while naval base listens to her cries for help, physician killed with his own poison, woman is shot in shoulder but lives, woman kills many soldiers, plane crashes into helicopter); strong (men blown up while they try to kill a man, man is blown into barbed wire)

Sex: Few times mild (kissing)

Nudity: Several times mild (women wear low-cut blouses)

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Many times moderate (seductive dancing with camera focused on hips; lewd kissing in a bar; reference to mnage et trios; man enters womans quarters while her underwear is hanging and makes reference to her C-cup; man claims to have been known as EDI (extra deep invader); man likes his cigars rolled on the thighs of milano women; man explains to woman, I like to go fast. Im a pilot; man photographs woman in her bikini; woman speaks lightly of one-night-stands; man says, I could be arrested for the thoughts I have)

Drugs: Few times mild (cigar smoking, crowd in a bar)

Other: None

Running Time: 121 minutes
Intended Audience: Adults

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