Mr. & Mrs. Smith

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Entertainment: +3

Content: -2 1/2

Over time, John Smith (Brad Pitt) and his wife, Jane (Angelina Jolie), have grown distant. Taking refuge in their work, they are in the habit of keeping secrets. Neither of them even knows what the other does for a living. While each thinks that the other has a commonplace job, they are both actually assassins. Worse still, they work for competing organizations so that, without knowing it, they are enemies living under the same roof. But all of that changes when John and Jane receive the same target and quickly identify each other as the enemy. Suddenly, their marital conflicts turn into something far more dangerous as each tries to protect his and her respective organization by killing the other. So with equally deadly skills, Mr. and Mrs. Smith find that, in more ways than one, they have finally met their perfect match.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is an action film that is liberally sprinkled with comic relief. The story is framed by marital counseling sessions in which John and Jane discuss why their marriage is mediocre. The humor comes in as their marital conflicts are acted out in more and more violent ways, which ironically seem to improve their relationship. The implication is that they have nothing to talk about until they share their skill and passion for carnage. If the story sounds shallow, thats because it is. While it is humorous and enjoyable at times, theres not much to this film. It does succeed in glorifying violence and criminal activity without demonstrating any consequences for such behavior. Law enforcement never appears nor are the main characters ever seriously injured. The film adds sexual content, foul language and irreverent use of religious symbols to seal its negative acceptability rating.

Preview Reviewer: Shaun Daugherty
20th Century Fox

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Many (11) times mild (damn 1); strong (-ss 5, b-tch 5)

Obscene Language: Several (6) times moderate (p-ss 1, other 1); strong (f-word 1, s-word 2, other 1)

Profanity: Several (9) times moderate (G 2); strong (J 5, JC 1, C-sake 1)

Violence: Many times moderate (man and woman work as assassins, woman breaks mans neck, man shoots several men to death, extensive use of guns and rocket-launchers, use of throwing knives to kill several people, several extensive gunfights, hand-to-hand combat with objects thrown and broken, man repeatedly kicks woman while she is on the floor, house explodes, gunfight on the highway with cars crashing and flipping); strong (man runs over another man after hitting him with vehicle)

Sex: Few times mild (unmarried man and woman shown in bed under covers with sexual activity implied); moderate (married man and woman begin to undress, kiss and caress one another with sexual motions)

Nudity: Few times mild (man and woman begin to undress and then shown partially undressed but covered under sheets or obscured by camera angle)

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Several times mild (man uses innuendo to refer to his genitals, implication that man and woman are touching each other in sexual ways); moderate (man jokes about the unsatisfying quality of his sex life, man gestures to suggest that his wife is pleasuring him, couple in therapy are asked about the quality of their sex life); strong (man and woman discuss the large number of sexual partners that they have had)

Drugs: Few times mild (use of alcohol)

Other: Appropriate use of Jesus rocks, which is embroidered on stolen coats worn by characters; characters steal a vehicle with a Christian fish symbol on the back and then have a gun battle from the vehicle; romantic depiction of assassination and other criminal activity; absence of law enforcement; unrealistic gun battles in which the main characters escape unharmed while large numbers of opponents are killed

Running Time: 115 minutes
Intended Audience: Adults and Teens

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