Are We There Yet?

MPAA Rating: PG

Entertainment: +2

Content: +1

If you enjoy witnessing a nightmarish road trip with two annoying children, Are We There Yet? is for you. In this so-called family comedy, bachelor Nick Persons (Ice Cube) refers to children as cockroaches and avoids them. He sells sports collectibles and has just bought a luxurious new Navigator. During a rainstorm, he rescues Suzanne (Nia Long), a distressed damsel broken down along a busy street. Friendship blossoms, and Nick breaks his no-kids rule, hoping to win her affection. He offers to accompany her two children to meet her in Vancouver, where she is conducting a business meeting. After all, how hard can it be to fly for two hours on a plane? Kevin (Philip Daniel Bolden), 7, and big sister Lindsey (Aleisha Allen), 11, are experienced at driving off their mothers boyfriends. Nick suffers their continuous mean-spirited antics painful falls, SUV destruction, ridicule and other indignities and their laughter. The 350-mile trip to Vancouver seems a lot longer both for Nick and viewers over age 12.

Slapstick violence in cartoons doesnt seem to have the same impact on young minds as that dished out by live actors in films like this one. Kevin and Lindsey sabotage their mothers relationships because they want their parents to get back together. At the airport, Kevin plants a corkscrew on Nick so security guards will cause them to miss the plane. At the train station, both children manage to lose Nick, waving to him from the platform as the train pulls away. Finally, he is forced to drive the kids to Vancouver. After a trucker reads a Help Us sign that Lindsey flashes at him, he runs Nick off the road, wrecking the car, and the kids laugh with glee. A crude incident of Kevin urinating on a womans face is unnecessary, gratuitous and offensive. By the time they get to Vancouver, the children have bonded with Nick, and they all live happily ever after. Are We There Yet? has no strong negative elements, but parents should be aware of the childrens cruelty, crude humor, lack of respect for adults, smart-aleck attitude, and bathroom slang.

Preview Reviewer: Mary Draughon
Revolution Studios/Columbia

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Few (4) times mild (damn 2); moderate (b-tt 1, slang for passing gas 1)

Obscene Language: Few (4) times mild (pee 4)

Profanity: Once moderate (G-sake 1)

Violence: Many times mild (slapstick action, painful falls, car crash, explosion, property damage)

Sex: None

Nudity: None

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: None

Drugs: None

Other: Disrespectful children, crude humor, little boy urinates on womans face

Running Time: 95 minutes
Intended Audience: Under 12

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