MPAA Rating: PG-13

Entertainment: +2

Content: -3

Without a care in the world as an immature and foolhardy young man, Ryan (Chris Evans) receives a random and horrifying phone call that turns his life upside down in this action thriller. Jessica Martin (Kim Basinger) is kidnapped and thrown in her attic until she reveals to the abductors what they want. Terrified and panicked, she randomly calls any number searching desperately for someone to save her. Ryan is the chance recipient. With her trembling voice pleading for his help on the other end, Ryan reluctantly sets out to rescue Jessica but has no idea what he is about to encounter. What was thought to be a random kidnapping turns out to be a conspiracy involving several high-profile people who are willing to do anything to keep their plan a secret.

With an intensely suspenseful and dramatic plot, Cellular arrests your attention with a hope for the reversal of a seemingly fatal and tragic end. Ryan is selfish and cares only for himself and his own wellbeing. Risking his life for the sake of someone he doesnt even know demonstrates a strength of character and selflessness that are new to him. Putting Jessicas safety ahead of his own as he enters this dangerous situation shapes him into a better man. The movie is absent of sexual scenes, contains no nudity other than bikini-clad women, and is delightfully comical. However, it is overloaded with strong crudities, obscenities and profanities. Along with horrible language, it has a large amount of intense violence. Cellular, with strong content for a PG-13 film, should be viewed by adult audiences.

Preview Reviewer: Troy Dandrea
New Line

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Many (20) times mild (hell 3, damn 1); moderate (b-stard 1); strong (-ss 3; b-tch 12)

Obscene Language: Many (39) times strong (f-word 2, s-word 34; d-ck head 2, finger gesture 1)

Profanity: Many (21) times moderate (OG 14); strong (GD 5, J 1, JC 1)

Violence: Many times mild (many acts of pushing and struggling, guy breaking through glass door); moderate (people are hit with metal object, girl stabs a guy, woman is hit in the face many times, three shootings execution style, several killings by shootings, guy head butts another guy, man hit in the face with the handle of a gun, many fistfights)

Sex: None

Nudity: Few (4) times mild (many girls around the beach in bikinis)

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Several (7) times mild (nipples 3, penis 1, panties 2); moderate (p-ssy whipped)

Drugs: None

Other: None

Running Time: 94 minutes
Intended Audience: Adults

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