Day After Tomorrow, The

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Entertainment: +4

Content: -1/2

After studying ice cores from the Arctic Circle, climatologist Adrian Hall (Dennis Quaid) discovers a disturbing warming trend in the region. At a gathering of skeptical world leaders, Hall predicts the coming of another ice age in the next 100 years. His dire forecast comes true with one difference; the earths climate changes immediately. The special effects begin as massive storms sweep across the planet, pulling down supercooled air from the stratosphere, endangering the human race. When tidal waves submerge New York City and tornadoes pulverize Los Angeles, the president of the United States turns to Hall for suggestions. Most of the country evacuates to the south, but Hall heads north to New York to rescue his 17-year-old estranged son (Jake Gyllenhaal). When temperatures drop to 150 degrees, rendering all mechanized transportation useless, Hall attempts to hike to the Big Apple in the midst of impossible circumstances.

If only human nature were as good as this movies portrayal of it. While facing certain death, the characters in this story treat each other with consideration. Several risk their lives to save another, and a doctor stays with a sick child while the hospital is evacuated. The movie contains a lot of violence, but its primarily natural violence that results from an act of God, and the camera does not linger on human suffering. Certain scenes are intense: a teen confronts wolves so that his buddies can escape, and a teenage girl endangers herself in a flood to help a police officer rescue children stuck in a taxi. There are no scenes involving sex or nudity. The most objectionable part of The Day After Tomorrow is the language, which is not excessive compared to other PG-13 movies but does include an f-word and two s-words, earning it a negative Acceptability Rating.

Preview Reviewer: Blaine Butcher
20th Century Fox

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Several (5) times mild (hell 1, damn 2); strong (ass 1, bitch 1)

Obscene Language: Several (7) times moderate (crap 2, suck 2); strong (f-word 1, s-word 2)

Profanity: Several (6) times moderate (MG 3, G 3)

Violence: Many times mild (man falls to his death off camera, wolf bites cage, tornadoes rip apart city, waves crash into buildings, girl cuts her leg on car bumper, wolves chase boys, wolf attacks boy); moderate (bus smashes man in a car, waves crash into people in street, people rapidly freeze to death, man killed by a falling chunk of ice, helicopters crash, plane crash shown on TV screen, man swept away by falling billboard, motorcycle crashes)

Sex: None

Nudity: None

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Several times mild (man tries to kiss woman repeatedly, woman buttons her outer shirt after kissing, teenage boy and girl kiss five times in one scene)

Drugs: Once mild (men share an alcoholic drink as they face death)

Other: Appropriate use of God twice (Do you believe Gods gonna save you? I dont believe in God.)

Running Time: 125 minutes
Intended Audience: Pre-teens, teens and adults

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