Intolerable Cruelty

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Entertainment: +3

Content: -2 1/2

The Coen brothers bring this dark, romantic comedy. Slick divorce lawyer Miles Massey (George Clooney), obsessed with his pearly white teeth, has become bored with his endless victories of huge settlements for his Beverly Hills divorce clients. After he and his partners twist facts and hire private investigators to video cheating spouses, they melodramatically present clueless spouses as monsters before the jury. When Rex Rexroth (Edward Herrmann) is caught with another woman, his wife Marylin (Catherine Zeta-Jones) sees it as an opportunity to become a wealthy divorcee. Rex hires Miles, but Miles becomes infatuated with Marylin who has her own agenda; she plans to marry and divorce wealthy men until she becomes independently wealthy. Her next victim, or husband, is hilarious buffoon and oil tycoon Howard Doyle (Billy Bob Thornton). Intolerable Cruelty, which pokes fun at marriage a la Hollywood and the legal profession, is an adult comedy that will do well at the box office.

Adultery, lying and cheating all are fair game for Miles and his clients because they become the catalyst for success in the form of a large bank account. The game is to out manipulate your current spouse with the help of a legendary divorce attorney and a solid prenuptial agreement. Miles and Marylin even marry, and she leaves him 24 hours later and hires a hit man to quickly dissolve the marriage. The assassination goes awry with the wrong person getting killed, rottweiler dogs attacking intruders, and true love winning over a decadent, immoral lifestyle. Dialogue includes some obscenities and several strong profanities. Although there is no onscreen sex, it is implied a few times. Underscoring Intolerable Crueltys lowbrow humor are these scenes: a man cavorts with several women in skimpy underwear, a couple is interrupted in the bedroom, and investigators view a pornographic video. Preview feels this film is unacceptable due to its offensive language and immoral behavior.

Preview Reviewer: Mary Draughon

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Many (25) times mild 3, moderate 22

Obscene Language: Several (6) times (F-word 1, S-word 5)

Profanity: Many (9) times regular 6 (GD), exclamatory 3

Violence: Few times (gunshots and threats, dogs attack, mace sprayed in face, windows shot out, man killed)

Sex: Few times (gunshots and threats, dogs attack, mace sprayed in face, windows shot out, man killed)

Nudity: Near Nudity: Many times (low-cut dresses, women in skimpy underwear)

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Several times (women discuss lovemaking, court testimony in adultery cases, brief glimpses of porn video)

Drugs: Few times (social drinking)

Other: Theme that alls fair in love and war, justification of infidelity

Running Time: 95 minutes
Intended Audience: Adults

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