Real Cancun, The

MPAA Rating: R

Entertainment: -3

Content: -4

With all of the reality shows on television, it was just a matter of time before Hollywood jumped on the bandwagon. The Real Cancun is the worst yet. Its the story, without the use of professional actors or writers, of 16 college kids chosen from around the country to go to Cancun, Mexico, for spring break. Six camera crews followed the kids 24 hours a day this past March to capture 10 days of uncensored partying. Its reality TV including the rated-R, naughty happenings missing from television. The movie focuses on the relationships that are formed along with lots of drinking and sex. It is like watching a 90-minute Jerry Springer show without the scrambler that blocks the nudity. Parents, be warned: This is not a movie that you want your kids to see.

First, theres lots of bad language: f-words, s-words and the Lords name used in vain in both the dialog and background music. Second, theres nudity with the main feature being womens breasts and men and womens buttocks. Third, sex scenes are abundant: girls kissing girls, girls grinding themselves against each other and guys, dirty dancing, and bedroom and shower scenes. Sex is the topic of discussion in nearly every scene. And fourth, alcohol use is constant, from beer guzzling to body shots taken from a bikini-clad girls stomach; the only exception is when the kids are asleep. Sadly, one of the guys, named Alan, doesnt want to drink but is continuously pressured by the others until, by the end of the movie, he is enjoying tequila shots as much as the rest. Especially bothersome is the fact that the viewing audience clapped in approval when Alan took his first drink. The Real Cancun has no redeeming elements, so Preview cannot recommend it to anyone.

Preview Reviewer: Lynn Nusser
New Line Cinema

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: mild few (4) times; moderate many (13) times.

Obscene Language: many (100+) times; f- word 60+, s-word 20+, words for excretion 8, slang words for genitals and sexual intercourse 20+.

Profanity: regular few (4) times (GD); exclamatory many (15) times (OMG, OG, honest to G, swear to G).

Violence: none.

Sex: none.

Nudity: many times guy in underwear, womens breasts uncovered in many scenes, womens breasts in wet t-shirts, bikini-clad girls, men and womens bare buttocks.

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: many times kids discuss sex during interviews, guy continually ask girls if they want to make out and get naked, guy and girl share sexual looks while playing pool, wet t-shirt contest, girls sticks out tongue at guy in a sexually suggestive manner, unfaithfulness is discussed and explored, guy and girl have conversation about his penis, guy and girl have conversation about giving head, guy asks another guy if he has any condoms, guys talk about sex in weight room, naked men contest, sexual sounds come from shower and from bedrooms, guys and girls shown having sex in the bedrooms, guys drinking alcohol off bikini-clad girls stomachs, dirty dancing in hot tub, guy licking salt off girls breast, girls and guys dirty dance in bar scenes, girls lie on top of each other and kiss and touch each other, guy fakes sex act on bed, girl dirty dances with musician.

Drugs: alcohol use is a part of most of the scenes, drunkenness is viewed as funny and acceptable, pressure is put on a guy to drink, smoking is shown but not often, guy dips snuff.

Other: guy urinates in a cup and pours it over a girls leg that was stung by a jellyfish, horoscopes are discussed, guy tells someone to give him a gun.

Running Time: 97 minutes.
Intended Audience: adults.

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