Chasing Papi

MPAA Rating: PG

Entertainment: +1

Content: -1/2

Papi (EduardoVerastequi) is dating three women at the same time in this romantic comedy. Patricia (contemporary Christian music vocalist Jaci Velasquez) is an heiress who is being smothered by her mother. Lorena (Roselyn Sanchez) is a conservative lawyer from Chicago, and Cici (Sofia Vergara) is a high-spirited dancer from Miami. All of the girls think that they are Papis only love until all three come to visit at the same time wearing the sexy lingerie they were each given by Papi. They begin to fight for their charming, irresistible lover but then decide to get revenge. They end up on their own adventure after discovering that their luggage was switched and they now possess a large amount of money. While they chase their three-timer, they are being chased by some shady characters and the FBI. If that were not enough, they find their way into a beauty pageant and then a dance festival.

Frequently fighting and bickering, the three women run around the city with an unconscious Papi in their car. He is unconscious because of the stress of dating three women and taking too many tranquilizers. After checking into a hotel and drinking a lot, all four end up passed out together in bed. At the dance festival, the three women rip off parts of their clothes to make them look sexier. Most of the song lyrics in the film are in Spanish, and some Spanish phrases in the dialog are not translated. Both the moral content and the entertainment value of this film are low, so you would be better off spending your time on something other than Chasing Papi.

Preview Reviewer: Alan Boyer
20th Century Fox

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: boob, double entendre, suggestive remarks.

Obscene Language: none.

Profanity: none.

Violence: mild someone hits another in the face while taking off jacket.

Sex: none.

Nudity: none.

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: women wearing tight, low-cut tops; dresses and paints with slits up the leg; deep kissing.

Drugs: taking large amounts of prescribed tranquilizers, drinking, intoxication.

Other: close dancing, man with hands on womans buttocks.

Running Time: 80 minutes.
Intended Audience: adults.

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