MPAA Rating: R

Entertainment: +2

Content: -4

In this comedy/drama written by and about screenwriter Charlie Kaufman, Charlie (Nicholas Cage) is signed to write the big-screen adaptation of Susan Orleans (Meryl Streep) book The Orchid Thief, which is about finding passion in life. In order to write the screenplay, Charlie decides to insert himself into the story. He becomes obsessed with Orleans and flies to New York to meet her. Once there, he doesnt have the courage to speak to her, so he allows twin brother Donald (also played by Cage) to meet with her. Spying on Orleans, the brothers follow her to the Florida Everglades where they discover the subject of the book, orchid-breeding fanatic John Laroche (Chris Cooper). When Charlie discovers that the relationship between Orleans and Laroche is more than professional, he and his brother are pulled into the middle of the story, leading to a tragic turn of events that affects everyone.

Cage, Cooper and Streep have all been nominated for Academy Awards for their work in this film. Despite the good acting, Adaptation has several disturbing elements. From the opening scenes of the big bang and creatures emerging from the ocean, an endorsement of Charles Darwins theory of evolution is prevalent throughout this movie. Orleans is a married woman who thinks of leaving her husband. Through her book research, she becomes involved in an adulterous affair with Laroche. Kaufman is an insecure man who has sexual fantasies that he entertains through self-gratification. The orchid grower, Laroche, is a foul-mouthed, disrespectful character who decides to start an internet porn site in his spare time. And two graphically bloody car crashes are shown. These elements, along with some sexual humor, female nudity and rough language make Adaptation a negatively rated, offensive film.

Preview Reviewer: Bob Nusser

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Many (14) times mild 3, moderate 11.

Obscene Language: Many (40+) times F-word 30+, S-word 10+, others.

Profanity: Many (12) times Exclamatory (C sake, G sake, G, Oh G, GD).

Violence: Few 2 graphic car wrecks, man is shot in arm, man is bitten and killed by alligator, men are hunted in swamp.

Sex: Several times couple shown naked on bed, woman climbs on top of man, couple shown having sex in van.

Nudity: Several womens breasts shown in bedroom, many pictures of naked women on mans wall, woman removes top to expose breasts, naked women shown on computer screen, mans bare rear end shown several times.

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Many man refers vulgarly several times to doing it with woman, man shakes hips suggestively and tells party crowd what he intends to do to his date when he gets home, man fantasizes and self-gratification is implied several times).

Drugs: Cigarette smoking, snorting of powder extracted from orchids, wine drinking at dinner, cocktail party with drinking.

Other: Evolution is promoted throughout the movie, woman desires to have adulterous relationship, man gains confidence through trials.

Running Time: 117 minutes
Intended Audience: Adults

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