Deliver Us from Eva

MPAA Rating: R

Entertainment: +3

Content: -3

In this romantic comedy, domineering big sister Eva Dandridge (Gabrielle Union) constantly intrudes into the lives of her three sisters (Essence Atkins, Robinne Lee and Meagan Good), and she wreaks havoc on the men in their lives (Mel Jackson, Dartanyan Edmonds and Duane Martin). Weary of Evas involvement, the three men concoct a plan to get Eva out of their lives. They hire smooth-talking ladies man Ray Adams (LL Cool J) for $5,000 to romance Eva, then to drop her cold so shell move away and out of their lives. As Ray finally breaks through Evas cold exterior, he falls in love with her and doesnt want to go through with the plan. The men, realizing that Ray has backed out on the deal, kidnap him and fake his death so their nemesis Eva will leave town. Unable to see Eva hurt, Ray confesses the whole scheme, much to the chagrin of his friends. Ray then begins to pursue Eva honestly, following her out of town to try and win her back.

Deliver Us from Eva is a light-hearted comedy with a great deal of sexually suggestive dialogue, much of it in the beauty salon where the ladies offer their insights on it and in the bar where the men discuss their need for it. From playful hand motions to blunt speech, sexual desires are the main subject of conversation. Gay hairdresser Telly banters about the subject with anyone who will listen, male or female. His counterpart in the beauty salon, Ormandy, shares her intimate moments and desires with the crowd. While no sexual activity is shown on screen, it is implied. A couple is shown under the sheets after having sex, and another couple is shown rolling and playing on a bed as a prelude to sex. The heavy emphasis on sexually suggestive and sexually oriented dialogue, along with numerous instances of objectionable language, earn this one an unacceptable rating.

Preview Reviewer: Bob Nusser
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The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Many (60+) times mild 28, moderate 32+

Obscene Language: Many (11) times S-word 11

Profanity: Many (12) times regular 1 (GD), exclamatory 20 (G, thank G, OMG, Lord)

Violence: Few woman punches man in face, mans falls off horse twice.

Sex: Few times (implied) couple shown naked under sheets, couple on bed.

Nudity: None. Near Nudity: Few women in underwear, naked man shown with privates screened out.

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Many men refer several times to doing it to women, man makes hand motions to imitate sex act, women talk about doing it, men refer to boning women many times, man tells woman he has to have it, crude references to male genitals, crude references to female anatomy.

Drugs: Several scenes of social drinking at parties and at bar.

Other: Strong family ties and importance of sibling relationships emphasized.

Running Time: 105 minutes
Intended Audience: Adults

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