Moonlight Mile

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Entertainment: +2 1/2

Content: -2

Dealing with the sudden death of their daughter Diane, Jo Jo and Ben Floss (Susan Sarandon and Dustin Hoffman) seem to expect their daughters fianc, Joe Nast (Jake Gyllenhaal) to fill the void in their family. Tormented by his inability to open up to Jo Jo and Ben, Joe seeks solace in the company of a barmaid, Bertie (Ellen Pompeo). Sounds grim, doesnt it? Ironically, MOONLIGHT MILE has some very humorous moments as neighbors and friends in the small New England town hover around, asking insensitive questions and offering unwanted advice to the grieving family. For almost two hours, the emotional highs and lows of grieving and learning to let go can become tedious, but Oscar caliber performances may give it high marks at the box office.

Jo Jo and Ben show us the emptiness of going through death of a loved one without faith. In the opening scene, in a telephone conversation instructing the rabbi about the funeral service, Ben repeatedly exclaims, No God, no God, Rabbi. Later, when Jo Jo finally breaks down, she tells Joe that the hardest thing for her is I dont know where she is. Im scared for my baby. Bens guilt for failing as a father and a businessman manifests itself in bizarre behavior. And Joe too is helpless and emotionally numb as Jo Jo and Ben cling to him. He sneaks visits with Bertie and soon falls in love with her. They have one passionate love scene with sex implied. As they all learn to let go of the past, theres no hint of any spiritual awakening. With this sort of attitude, its not surprising that taking the Lords name in vain at least 16 times is treated as appropriate. At least 25 obscenities also pepper the dialogue. MOONLIGHT MILE condones premarital sex and uses profanities and obscenities in both casual conversation and emotional outbursts.

Preview Reviewer: Mary Draughon
Buena Vista (Touchstone/ Disney), 500 S. Buena Vista St., Burbank, CA 91521

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Many (19) times Mild 7, moderate 12

Obscene Language: Many (25) times - F-word 2, s-word 14, other 9

Profanity: Many (16) times Regular 11 (GD 4, C 2, G-sake, J 2, C 2, G, JC); exclamatory 5

Violence: None

Sex: Implied once (unmarried couple in bedroom scene)

Nudity: Near Nudity - once (woman removes blouse, shown from shoulders up)

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Few times (passionate kissing few times; married woman describes feelings for husband in sexual terms)

Drugs: Many times (alcohol drinking and cigarette smoking)

Other: Loving family shows no belief in God; theme of letting go

Running Time: 110 minutes
Intended Audience: Adults

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