Deuces Wild

MPAA Rating: R

Entertainment: +1 1/2

Content: -4

After his youngest brother dies of a drug overdose, Leon (Stephen Dorff) forms the street gang, The Deuces, to protect his Brooklyn neighborhood from drugs. But it's 1958 and times are changing, Elvis enters the army and the Dodgers move to Los Angeles. City blocks are controlled by mob leaders like Fritzy (Matt Dillon), but local gangs run the neighborhoods. However, when Marco, leader of the Vipers, gets out of jail, he wants to even the score with Leon, who he thinks is responsible for his arrest. But when Leons brother falls for the sister of a Viper, family loyalties become a question. Reminiscent of WEST SIDE STORY without the music, DEUCES WILD touches a violent moment with nostalgic images of young love and commitment to protecting others.

However, the violent images are sometimes overwhelming as gang rumbles feature graphic stabbings, hits with baseball bats and bloody punches with brass knuckles. Drug use is graphically depicted as characters snort cocaine and one image shows a heroin needle in an arm. Equally offensive is the flood of obscenities as the f-word is heard almost 100 times. Graphic motion is shown in a couple of sex scenes, although nudity is avoided. But a torrent of obscenities, graphic sexual content and brutal violence should prevent discerning viewers from joining the gangs of DEUCES WILD.

Preview Reviewer: Paul Bicking
United Artists (MGM), 2500 Broadway St., Santa Monica, CA 90404

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Many times Mild 5, moderate 13

Obscene Language: Many times F-word 95, s-word 12, other 6

Profanity: Several times Regular (GD 3, G, Swear to G); exclamatory 1

Violence: Many times - Moderate and severe (concrete blocks dropped on car, punches, kicks, gang fights, graphic knife stabbings, beating w/baseball bats/ pipes/ brass knuckles, bloody faces, car run through wall, riot-like property destruction, graphic shootings)

Sex: Few times - Implied and graphic (unmarried couple on couch w/graphic motion and near nudity, implied - couple on bed, couple in pool)

Nudity: Near Nudity - Few times (women in underwear few times)

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Several times (comments about women pictured in magazine, couple kissing on couch, comment about making boyfriend/girlfriend thing 'real', couples kissing heavily at party, crude comments about sexual activity, girl teases from window/ dropping robe off shoulders)

Drugs: Many times - image of boy OD/ needle in arm, references to drug sales, alcohol/beer drinking, cigarette smoking, cocaine snorted

Other: Gangs exhibit loyalty, man wants to keep drugs out of neighborhood, man does penance cleaning church windows, man calls down brother for cursing mother, man protects young boy from abusive father, gang member says willing to kill for beliefs/ territory, priest important to community - urges peace, man keeps brother's ideals

Running Time: 97 minutes
Intended Audience: Adults

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