MPAA Rating: R

Entertainment: +2 1/2

Content: -2

In this futuristic sci-fi thriller,Todd(Kurt Russell) is raised from boyhood by the military, along with some other youngsters,to be a military fighting machine with no will of his own. Their training is unbelievably harsh, cruel and sadistic. After a near fatal injury and being replaced by a better soldier, Todd is disposed of on a galactic garbage outpost. But he is taken in by a group of pioneer outcasts who nurse him back to health and help him find some of his lost humanity. Later, by a strange twist of fate, he becomes the only defender in a vicious,gory military attack against this pioneer community. For those who thrive on lots of action and firepower and very little dialogue, this film is sure to give you what you want, but beware the R-rating for gory violence. You can also expect a rather weak story line and a bleak view of the future.

Over time, the hardened, unfeeling Todd comes to care for the people in the outpost, particularly a young boy who likes and admires him. And he risks his life and suffers severe injuries defending the colony. But all these admirable elements are covered over with massive amounts of gory, graphic violence. From high-tech gattling guns to nuclear explosions to eyes being gouged out, SOLDIER has it all. The close-up violence is extreme and shocking, particularly in the hand-to-hand combat between Todd and his arch-adversary Caine 607 (Jason Scott Lee). Several scenes show children and civilians as targets of gunfire, flame throwers, and missile explosions. We are spared nothing when soldiers are killed by a variety of gruesome means. But there's no objectionable sexual content and foul language is confined to four f and s words. The intended audience is obviously older teenagers and young adults, but even they should not be exposed to the film's obscenities and the potentially traumatizing gory violence. This is the kind of film which can further desensitize movie goers to violence.

Preview Reviewer: Cliff McNeely and John Evans
Warner Brothers, 4000 Warner Blvd., Burbank, CA 91522

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Few (3) times - Mild 1, Moderate 2

Obscene Language: Few (4) times - f-word 2, s-word 2)

Profanity: None

Violence: Many times -Frequently Severe(child shot (off-screen), machine gun fire, hand-to- hand combat (very bloody), men fall to death, human bite, eye gouged out, man shot point blank gunfire and explosions target women and children, slaughter of civilians, flame thrower, mutilated dead bodies, man bitten to death by snakes, fatal knife wound (blood spurts out), steel rod flies into man's chest, men killed in large shredding machine, tank crushes man, man's midsection sliced by machinery, man's neck broken by force, nuclear explosions, defenseless woman riddled with bullets)

Sex: None

Nudity: Near Nudity (female side nudity,woman's breast evident through dress)

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Few (man fantasizes about woman, married man and woman in bed, married man and woman kissing)

Drugs: Man jabs himself with large hypo (steroids/drugs implied)

Other: Man urinates in pants, children participate in sadistic military training and violence.

Running Time: 120 minutes
Intended Audience: Older Teenagers and Young Adults

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