Corky Romano

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Entertainment: +2

Content: -2 1/2

When the FBI indicts Pops Romano (Peter Falk), he needs a family member to go undercover and steal the evidence against him. Only one member might be unfamiliar to the agency, Corky (Chris Kattan), the youngest son whos oblivious to his familys criminal activity. But Corkys a veterinarian assistant who cant even take the pressure of putting an animal to sleep, can he get into the FBI without cracking? Thanks to an over-eager resume, Corky is assumed to be a super-agent and perception may be all he needs as he stumbles through special investigation assignments. Although hes shocked to learn the accusations against his father, Corky surprises the FBI, his family and even himself as he uncovers some shocking secrets. Those looking for a humorous escape at the movies may find it in CORKY ROMANO.

Some humor is derived from losing up the straight-laced agents as they start following Corky’s flair for wild ties, but other scenes cast disparaging views on the agency. One continuing theme promotes one of Corky’s brothers coming to grips with homosexual tendencies, while two male FBI agents also seem to be more than work partners. Some fun is also had with Corky’s other brother being illiterate, such as failure to read the three simple flavors on an ice cream truck and ordering exotic ones. One scene features Corky pulling a large snake that crawls up his pant leg, out of his unzipped pants, while other scenes show him talking to a microphone hidden in his crotch. When he sneaks into a nightclub dressing room to free captured agents, he grabs women’s underwear to wipe spray out of his eyes. He also rips a woman’s blouse off as he stumbles, revealing her bra. Laughs are also drawn from drug abuse when Corky and a dog react to cocaine from a broken bag. Along with suggestive comments, the dialogue is filled with vulgar language, including numerous obscenities and strong profanities. Although it tries to have a good heart, CORKY ROMANO has a mob of problems.

Preview Reviewer: Paul Bicking
Buena Vista (Touchstone/Disney) 500 S. Buena Vista St., Burbank, CA 91521

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Many (36) times - Mild 20, moderate16

Obscene Language: Many (25) times - S-word 17, other 8

Profanity: Many (18) times - Many times - Regular 12 (GD 3, J 4, C 2, G, Csake, Swear to G); exclamatory 6 (MG 2, OMG 2, OG 2)

Violence: Many times - Moderate, some slapstick (cat - man struggle w/bird, property damage, head slaps, man shocked, hit w/bats, man thrown through window, hits to crotch, car wrecks, explosion, men struggle, man thrown in dumpster/ maced/ kick to head/ head in paintshaker, gun threats, punch)

Sex: None

Nudity: Near Nudity - few times (photo of cleavage, womans shirt torn off revealing bra, short skirt showing stockings)

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Vet pulls snake out of crotch, man talks to listening device in crotch, reference to genital mutilation, man watching dancer in bar, man wipes eyes with womans underwear, comment about wifes infidelity, reference to mens magazines)

Drugs: Few times (dog and man break cocaine bag - react to drug, drinking in bar)

Other: Ethnic slur, flatulence sounds, cat named Jesus, mans name pronounced as slang for urination, reference to dead body w/flies, man give mouth to snout CPR on dog, man illiterate, father loves sons despite failings)

Running Time: 86 minutes
Intended Audience: Teens and adults

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