Scary Movie 2

MPAA Rating: R

Entertainment: +3

Content: -4

Although the first film promised no sequel, the Wayan brothers and Miramax couldn’t ignore the surprising box office response. But this second, grossly crude spoof of horror/slasher films follows the seemingly standard rule of thumb; films with numbers rarely match the original. The film opens with an extended parody of THE EXORCIST and loosely bases the remainder on THE HAUNTING as Tim Curry plays a college professor using student insomnia studies in an old mansion to cover his interest in ghosts. Without any coherent plot, the film features a variety of scenes spoofing recent popular films including SAVE THE LAST DANCE, HOLLOW MAN, HANNIBAL and CHARLIE’S ANGELS. However, the success of the first film may draw a crowd to see the continuing crude bathroom humor in these loosely connected skits.

The Wayan’s parents reportedly walked out of the first film’s premiere. No doubt they’d walk out on this one as well. Sick humor in the opening parody includes extensive urination and flatulence sounds, a lascivious priest who endorses child abuse, simulates intercourse with a demon-possessed girl and takes part in a three-way vomiting spree. Two characters trade tasteless puns based on their handicaps. Marlon Wayans’ character smokes and grows marijuana, as well as being smoked by an animated, overgrown hemp plant. Shawn Wayans plays a clueless bisexual who takes on both a demonic clown toy as well as his girlfriend. And Tori Spelling’s character has a graphic sexual encounter with a ghost. Surprisingly, with the amount of crude sexual humor, only brief nudity occurs as a woman’s breasts inflate like safety airbags before hitting a wall and a brief shot of a naked man with female genitals. With offensive material throughout, SCARY MOVIE 2 presents a new low in entertainment.

Preview Reviewer: Paul Bicking
Dimension Films (Miramax - a division of Disney), 375 Greenwich, New York, NY 10013

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Many (33) times – Mild 6, moderate 27

Obscene Language: Many (60) times – F-word 30, s-word 21, other 8, finger gesture 1

Profanity: Many (17) times – Regular 4 (GD, G 3); exclamatory 13 (OMG 11, MG, OG)

Violence: Many times – often slapstick (girl hit w/rolled paper, shooting, punches, bus/car runs over people, hits to crotch, cat claws girl, man rolled in sheet and lit like cigarette, skeleton head taken off, martial arts kicks/hits, wheelchairs crash)

Sex: Several times – graphic motion and sound (priest on girl, girl w/ unseen ghost, unmarried couple on bed, unconventional acts implied)

Nudity: Few times (male frontal looks like female, breasts expand out of clothes like airbag); Near nudity – Several times (cleavage emphasized, women in underwear)

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Many times (priest says get children with candy, priest and demon flirt, door knocker looks like male genitals, numerous sexual comments, suggestive comments about bestiality, man’s hand on woman’s chest, woman unzips man’s pants, man’s massive reaction to stimulation)

Drugs: Several times (‘Harry Pothead’ book, shirt advertises ‘weed,’ marijuana plant grown/ smokes, marijuana plant ‘smokes’ human, wine drinking )

Other: Sacrilegious parody of exorcism, urination, vomiting, flatulence sounds, handicapped men trade insults, ref. to woman using cat’s litter box, vulgar parrot

Running Time: 83 minutes
Intended Audience: Adults

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