Alice et Martin

MPAA Rating: R

Entertainment: +1

Content: -3

In this French drama set in modern day, Martin (Alexis Loret), a 20-year-old illegitimate son, runs away from home without leaving an explanation with his family. Eventually, he winds up in Paris, staying with his homosexual half-brother, Benjamin (Mathieu Amalric), and his female roommate, Alice (Juliette Binoche). When Alice notices Martin following her to and from work, she suspects he likes her. Sure enough, he eventually admits his love for her. But a dark family history makes Martin damaged goods, and in the midst of his inner struggle, Alice fights to keep their budding relationship together. ALICE ET MARTIN has all the elements of a great movie beautiful locations, depth in the story, and interesting characters to work the problem out. However, the film never really connects with the audience, leaving a fairly dull and very long movie-going experience for the viewer, which normally spells box office doom.

During Martins inner struggle, he decides he needs to be judged for his past behavior. He feels judgment is the only way to cleanse his soul. Therefore, he feels he must come clean about all that is going on in his head, even if it means sacrificing his freedom. However, in the midst of Martins struggles, he is told that he should never regret his follies, implying that people should ignore their guilt instead of dealing with it or learning from their mistakes. Benjamin is shown dancing with another gay man at a party. They dance quite closely, and eventually begin kissing one another passionately. In another scene, an unmarried couple is shown having sex and, while only male rear nudity is seen from the side, the act is explicitly portrayed. The dialogue is spoken in French, but some foul language appears in the subtitled translation, including 9 f-words along with 8 other milder obscenities. Although Martin learns some good lessons through his struggle, foul language and sexual content are too explicit to recommend ALICE ET MARTIN.

Preview Reviewer: John Adair
USA Films, 9333 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Several (8) times Mild 1, Moderate 7

Obscene Language: Many (21) times - F-word 9, s-word 4, other 8

Profanity: None

Violence: Few times Moderate (woman choked, man punched and thrown, man falls down stairs, dead man found hanging)

Sex: Once Graphic (man and woman in bed with motions, sounds, and male rear side nudity)

Nudity: Few times (male rear side in sex scene/ male rear getting out of bed/ male rear swimming); Near Nudity - Few times (women in bikinis)

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Few times (reference to male genitals, reference to mans arousal, comment about male prostitution, woman denies sex to man)

Drugs: Many times (smoking, alcohol)

Other: Man urinates; man feels guilty and therefore seeks out judgment for his crime; one character says that humans should never regret their follies

Running Time: 124 minutes
Intended Audience: Adults

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