MPAA Rating: G

Entertainment: +3

Content: +4

Using a theme from an Italian opera of the same name, this unique contemporary musical fantasy takes place in a small rural town in America. The townspeople are very concerned about a rich, reclusive man known simply as Ribaldi (Joseph Paur) who has moved into a mansion outside their town. They come to believe he is a menace to their children and is forcing them out of their mortgaged homes. But young teenager Bonnie Nelson (Ivey Lloyd), who works as one of Ribaldi's housekeepers, knows better. She comes to know him as a kindhearted , musical genius who has a superb singing voice. He even willingly helps her prepare for an upcoming singing competition at her school. Much of the appeal and charm of the film comes from its touching, memorable songs and some magnificent singing by Ribaldi.

It seems, though, that Ribaldi has been cursed with a disfigured face and a self-centered, eccentric spirit. The curse can be broken, however, by one with a pure heart and love for him. As story events unfold, it appears there is hope for Ribaldi. RIGOLETTO is a fascinating fantasy with captivating music and a surprise ending. It's music and cinematography are first rate and its lead actors/actresses, particularly Paur and Lloyd, give fine performances. It's a bit advanced for younger children, but will appeal to older adolescents, teenagers and adults.

Produced and distributed on video by Feature Films for Families, RIGOLETTO is designed for discriminating families interested in professional, wholesome entertainment. It has no offensive language, sexual content or drug abuse, and violence is confined to an obscured beating, some verbal abuse and a few instances of rough treatment. Filled with truth, mystery and love, it shows how love and understanding can change even the most unlovely, disturbed human being. This quality video can be purchased directly from Feature Films for Families by calling 1-800-347-2837, or writing to them at P. O. Box 572410, Murray, UT 84157-2410.

Preview Reviewer: John Evans
Feature Films for Families by calling 1-800-347-2837, or writing to them at P. O. Box 572410, Murray

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