Adventures in Odyssey

MPAA Rating: G

Entertainment: +3

Content: +4

Mom and Dad, if you and the kids want to have some fun, take a look at the ADVENTURES IN ODYSSEY video series produced by Focus on the Family. This colorful animated series covers the escapades of young Dylan and his friends. They are available at many Christian bookstores or call Focus on the Family, 1-800-932-9123. Reviews of two episodes follow.

SHADOW OF A DOUBT. Dylan and the kind grandfatherly John Avery Whittaker (Whit) are best friends in spite of their age difference. As SHADOW OF A DOUBT opens, the town of Odyssey is in an uproar over several burglaries. A few days later, the shocking arrest of Whit sends Dylan into an emotional tailspin. With a suspenseful storyline, messages about faith and friendship come through loud and clear. After Dylan tells Whit he believes he is innocent, Whit thanks God for revealing Himself in the faithfulness of friends. Dylan faces danger as he searches for the truth and eventually comes face to face with the real culprit. A harrowing chase through town will not frighten children, but a few menacing characters' facial expressions could upset the under three set.

STAR QUEST. This adventure features Dylan and his friend Sal as imaginary spaceship captains as well as the operators of a huge mechanical robot. The fantasy science-fiction setting will entertain viewers of all ages. As with all in the series, the action-packed story is loaded with laughter, excitement and a timeless moral message for us all.

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