Anne of Avonlea

MPAA Rating: G

Entertainment: +4

Content: +3

The spirited orphan girl in ANNE OF GREEN GABLES is now a poised, independent young lady. Anne (Megan Follows) eagerly accepts a teaching job at a fashionable girl's school in Kingsport. Soon, however, Anne encounters various obstacles that threaten to discourage her. She learns that an established family, the Pringles, practically control the town, including the educational system. Resenting that Anne won the teaching job instead of one of their own, they play tricks on her to make her resign. Her only ally is Emmaline Harris, a "half-Pringle" scorned by the other girls. Morgan Harris (Frank Converse), Emmaline's father, also finds himself falling in love with the charming Anne. Will he win her hand? Or will Gilbert Smythe, her childhood sweetheart, win her love?

This heartwarming drama shows the transformation of the human spirit. Even though Anne never mentions Christianity or God, her love for people is evident. She courageously faces the frank disapproval of an entire family and wins them over with kindness. Viewers will feel better about life after seeing ANNE OF AVONLEA. It's also refreshing to see a film with few objectionable elements. There are only two uses of exclamatory profanity and two fighting scenes. Though children are caught smoking once, it is not condoned.

ANNE OF AVONLEA is available at your local video store in the family section. It's 3 1/2 hours long, but will be well worth your time.

Preview Reviewer: Fran Smith

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