Return of Jafar, The

MPAA Rating: G

Entertainment: +3

Content: +2

Released only on videocassette, this Disney animated sequel to ALADDIN is an action-packed colorful romp. After a thief releases the evil Jafar as a genie from a magic lamp, Jafar vows to use his newfound genie power to get revenge on Aladdin as well as the princess and the sultan. Meanwhile, Iago, formerly Jafar's right-hand parrot, dreams of living in the Sultan's sumptuous Arabian palace after rescuing Aladdin from the thieves. Iago's dream finally comes true and he savors his new luxurious lifestyle, only to be confronted with his treachery by Jafar. For a while, it's hard to tell which side Iago is on, but he finally realizes that good is better than evil. Abu, the lovable blue genie from the first film, joins forces with Aladdin, but Jafar's evil almost overcomes him. But he steals the show again with his frantic comical antics and quips. The beautiful Princess Jasmine, who is in love with Aladdin, sticks by his side, but trouble develops when she suspects Aladdin is deceiving her. THE RETURN OF JAFAR has Disney's animated magic and a happily-ever-after plot. It will entertain kids of all ages, although it does not quite live up to the original.

The simple plot illustrates the power of good over evil and the nobility of laying down one's life for others. The evil Jafar has enormous magical powers and flashes bolts of energy at his victims. There's much comical violence throughout the film, including several fights, threatening chases and other violent encounters. Most of it is good-natured and not severe. However, Jafar is awesome and scary and a final scene in which he is destroyed is very intense. Children under the age of six may find it and other encounters with Jafar frightening. Overall, though, THE RETURN OF JAFAR is a colorful but scary film for all but the youngest.

Preview Reviewer: Fran Smith and John Evans
Disney Home Video, 4111 W. Alameda/Fairmont, Burbank, CA 91505

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