Corrina, Corrina

MPAA Rating: PG

Entertainment: +3 1/2

Content: +1/2

In today's society, interracial romance and marriage are generally not considered unusual or undesirable. However, it was in the 1950's when Corrina Washington (Whoopi Goldberg) and Manny Singer (Ray Liotta) fell in love. Manny's wife has died and he needs a maid to help with the housework and to watch after his adolescent daughter, Molly (Tina Marjorino). So, he hires Corrina, a black lady who has just graduated from college and needs a job quickly. Corrina is soft spoken, genteel and has a strong religious faith. She's also very perceptive in dealing with Molly's grief over her mother and they become great friends. She fits into the family so well that Molly comes to think of her as her mother and Manny accidentally kisses her goodbye one morning when leaving for work. Molly even gets to be a good pal of Corrina's black nephews and nieces. All the while, Manny finds himself being drawn romantically to Corrina, although he knows the social difficulties this poses. At the same time, Molly and Corrina have many fun times together singing, dancing and cleaning houses for extra money. CORRINA, CORRINA is a real gem, full of heartwarming relationships, genuine love and some happy times.

CORRINA, CORRINA is also rare in its positive portrayal of religious faith. Corrina tells Molly that angels have taken her mother to heaven and that her mother is looking down on her from heaven. This disturbs Manny who is an atheist, but at a very difficult time in his life he softens and calls on God for help. The genuine and meaningful romantic relationship between Manny and Corrina does not degenerate into a sexual affair. The theme of racial tolerance and harmony runs throughout the film and Molly even participates in the children's choir at Corrina's church. Surprisingly, though, a prospective maid who attends a Bible study is presented as unattractive, stern and unlikable. Also surprising, two profanities occur (unobtrusively) in the dialogue, but no obscenities. The film has no sexual activity or nudity, but Corrina's sister makes some satirical slang remarks about intercourse, as well as some derogatory remarks about white people. Overall, the film rates well above most current films in its wholesome, positive content.

Preview Reviewer: John Evans
New Line Cinema, 888 7th Ave., 20th Floor, NY, NY 10106

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Crude Language: Once - Moderate

Obscene Language: None

Profanity: Twice - Regular (GD, J)

Violence: None

Sex: None

Nudity: None

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Few times - Moderate (temporary maid gets in bed with employer; slang comments about intercourse; widow makes seductive advances toward widower)

Drugs: Few times (temporary maid drinks whiskey and serves martini)

Other: Themes of racial tolerance and belief in God; religious beliefs and black church portrayed favorably; atheist calls on God; girl prays to God; Bible study participant portrayed unfavorably)

Running Time:
Intended Audience: 10 years and older

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