True Lies

MPAA Rating: R

Entertainment: +2 1/2

Content: -3

Harry Tasker (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a top-secret spy for the United States. However, his wife Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis) thinks he's a computer salesman. Wanting a little excitement in her life, Helen starts helping Simon (Bill Paxton), a used car salesman who has Helen convinced he's a real spy. When Harry becomes suspicious of Simon and Helen's relationship, he uses his spy connections to kidnap Helen from a rendezvous with Simon. He "recruits" her for a special assignment which he hope will teach her a lesson. Instead she becomes involved in a real spy mission. Helen learns Harry's real job when they are both kidnapped by Aziz (Art Malik), head of a renegade terrorist group. The fanatical group has nuclear weapons and threatens to blow up Miami. Harry must rescue his wife and daughter and stop Aziz. The action is almost non-stop in this James Bond-type adventure with a comic twist. But even the action gets a little tiring before the two-hour mark.

Typical of Arnold's action films, the body count soars quickly through explosions and gun fights. Some of the violence gets graphic, as when a knife is thrown and sticks in someone's eye. One fight scene in a men's restroom exaggerates the violence as men are hit with hand dryers and slammed into urinals. In a later fight, explosions set people on fire and Arnold breaks a few necks. The usual assortment of hits, kicks to the body and crotch and a slug fest between two women in a runaway limousine add to the violence level. TRUE LIES' excessive violence has almost a tongue-in-cheek quality. The dialogue is liberally supplied with profanity, obscene and crude language. Helen does a sexual dance in a scene where she poses as a prostitute wearing bra and thong bikini which reveals her backside. Juno (Tia Carrera), the female assisting Aziz, is presented as a sensual temptress whose lines contain frequent sexual innuendos. Simon's comments are also often crudely sexual. On a positive note, Helen professes to truly love Harry, although she was almost seduced by Simon. Even though he must lie about his work, Harry loves his family and does his best to keep them safe. However, with the violence, profanity and obscene language, it would be a "true lie" to suggest this film will not offend sensitive viewers

Preview Reviewer: Paul R. Bicking
20th Century Fox Film Corp., 10201 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Many (23) times - Mild 7; Moderate 16

Obscene Language: Many (23) times (f-word 2, s-word 9, other 12)

Profanity: Many (16) times - Regular 10 (GD, J, C); Exclamatory 6

Violence: Many times - Moderate and severe (slaps, hits, kicks, shootings, flaming bodies; man hit with hand dryer; others shoved into urinal, hit with telephone, neck broken, knife in eye, meat hook in chest, body run over by truck, women slapped, hit with bottle, shot in head)

Sex: None

Nudity: Female rear once (thong bikini); near nudity (revealing dresses)

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Numerous comments; sexual dance and attempted seduction

Drugs: Social drinking

Other: Man lies to family; daughter steals money; abuse of agency resources condoned; woman rejects seduction attempt

Running Time:
Intended Audience: Adults and teenagers

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