Adventures of Jay Jay the Jet Plane, The

MPAA Rating: G

Entertainment: +2

Content: +4

If you happen to be a mother or other caregiver of young children, this 30-minute video may be just what you need. Divided into four segments, each featuring airplanes at the Tarrytown airport, the video is easy to use as a teaching tool.

In JAY'S JAY'S FIRST FLIGHT, we meet the youngest airplane anxious to take off into the "wild blue yonder." In his excitement, however, he doesn't pay attention to instructions, and breaks some very basic rules of safety. Next comes TRACY'S FANTASTIC JOURNEY. Tracy confides in the seasoned Savannah, who has just flown in from far away, that she is bored and can't wait to see exotic places. Savannah teaches Tracy how to use her imagination to see the world and dream about the future. HERKY'S BRIGHT IDEA introduces Herky the Helicopter and how he uses his imagination to help a lost friend find his way home. Finally, in OLD OSCAR STEALS THE SHOW, the old, battered propeller driven plane proves his worth by performing breathtaking stunts at an air show. Produced by KidQuest, P.O. Box 8230006, Dallas, Texas 75382, this video is available for $14.95. You can also call KidQuest at 1-800-687-2177 to order. Each tape includes a viewing guide and JAY JAY stickers. The suggested age group for JAY JAY is 2 to 8; however, it may not be challenging enough for 7-8-year-olds.

Preview Reviewer: Mary Draughon
KidQuest, P.O. Box 8230006, Dallas, Texas 75382

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