MPAA Rating: PG

Entertainment: +2 1/2

Content: +3

This classic romance film was adapted from a novel by the well known English author, Jane Austen, who wrote the novel just before her death in 1817. It has now been brought to the big screen by the British Broadcasting Corp. It takes place in England in the early 1800's and is about a man and a woman who care deeply for each other, but obstacles continue to keep them apart. In this case, the woman is Anne Elliot (Amanda Root), one of the daughters of an English nobleman. Unhappily, Anne has made the mistake of turning down a handsome suitor, Capt. Wentworth (Ciaran Hinds), on the advice of a close friend. But Capt. Wentworth returns to Anne's hometown as a very prominent captain in the British Navy and she finds she still has feelings for him. And viewers will wait anxiously to see if something happens to bring them together. Being produced by the BBC, the acting and dialogue are exquisite, and viewers will find it quite a treat to be in the company of British upper middle class society in their genteel surroundings. PERSUASION will particularly appeal to those who enjoy a touching romance set in the by-gone days of the British elite.

The BBC chose to film this novel much as it was written. Since this is the case, it is virtually devoid of any offensive elements. All the relationships in the film, particularly that between Capt. Wentworth and Anne, are maintained on a very proper level with no sexual implications. Except for two references to damn fools, the language is perfectly genteel and proper as well. Anne is a quiet, self-sacrificing person who looks after her ailing sister for a while, and is also relegated to caring for her young nephew who injuries his leg. Anne's cousin, William, is somewhat of a scoundrel, but eventually gets what he deserves. Viewers of PERSUASION will feel satisfied and unpolluted instead of dragged through the mire which is so often the case in today's movies.

Preview Reviewer: John Evans
Sony Pictures Classics, 550 Madison Ave., 8th Floor, NY, NY 10022

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