William Russ
by Lynn Nusser

Interview with actor William Russ who plays Hank McAllister in CBS' Finding John Christmas. Conducted by Preview reviewer Lynn Nusser.

Lynn: William, because you spent a good part of your childhood moving around the country, is there any particular place that is more meaningful to you?

William: No, not really more meaningful. I was born in Virginia but spent a lot of time in New Orleans, so I love both of those places. But right now, I live in California, so I like it here too.

Lynn: You have done a little of everything: Broadway, television, soaps, feature films. Do you have a preference?

William: No, not really. I like them all. I like the variety.

Lynn: What kind of blue collar jobs have you had? What would you do if you didn’t act?

William: I have been a welder, a cab driver, a waiter, a cook, dishwasher, garbage truck worker. I like to write so I probably would write more if I didn’t act. Maybe more directing too.

Lynn: On Boy Meets World, you play Alan Matthews, a father with a wry sense of humor. Are you anything like him?

William: Yeah, I’m a lot like him actually. He’s a great character.

Lynn: How did you come to be involved in Finding John Christmas?

William: I have worked with Andy (the director) many times. He asked me and then I got a copy of the script and loved it.

Lynn: Do you monitor what your children watch on TV?

William: Yes, of course. They don’t watch much TV during the week. There is so much media hype.

Lynn: Where did you meet Clare Wren (actress)?

William: We met and were friends first. Then we started seeing each other more. Things developed from there.

Lynn: What’s up next for William Russ?

William: I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see what comes along.