Martha Williamson
by Audra Altic

Preview Profile: Martha Williamson
Executive Producer/Writer, Touched by an Angel

The first season of the highly-acclaimed series Touched by an Angel is now .

Recently, Preview's Audra Altic had a chance to talk to Angel's Executive producer, Martha Williamson.

Audra: How do you think your faith has impacted your career?

Martha: I really don’t know how anyone makes it in Hollywood without faith. I have really been blessed with all of the support that I have had. I of course stay in prayer. There are great challenges that are thrown your way when you are involved in spreading the Word in this way. I definitely found great joy in Touched by an Angel. We were doing something that had not been done.

Audra: Do you think there will be any new shows to follow in Touched by an Angel's footsteps?

Martha: I hope that there will be more faith friendliness in TV. I think that Touched by an Angel really opened up doors and gave characters the right to explore faith on TV. They may not always be of the Christian faith, but at least faith is being explored. I believe that Mel Gibson really reached out to the Christian community with The Passion of The Christ. There is a huge core audience out there for edifying TV.

Audra: Did you ever have to deal with people trying to fight Touched by an Angel being on the network?

Martha: You know, I ran across an article on the Internet several times that stated Madalyn Murray O’Hair was trying to remove the show. That just was not true. We never ran up against that kind of resistance. CBS was supportive of the storylines. You know, we got fewer letters from atheists complaining about the show than we did letters from Christians saying that we were not being Christian enough. I thought, they we are pushing the envelope as it is.

Audra: What can we look for in the future?

Martha: Well, my husband and I just have taken the year off. We just adopted our second child from China. We are just praying and waiting on God to see what we are supposed to do next. Right now, I am writing a novel, a screenplay and developing a new TV show. So, we will see where God leads us.

Audra: How do you feel about movies that have to be edited in order to make them family friendly?

Martha: I really feel that censorship is wrong. I don’t think that we have to make shows that need to be edited. I think that Touched by an Angel has proven that if you start with a good show, rather than editing, you will be better off.

Audra: How do you feel about Touched by an Angel coming out on DVD?

Martha: I am very proud. This is just the beginning of the DVDs. There will be following seasons coming out on DVD too. You know, the thing I am most proud of on this first DVD release is that they included the final two-hour finale on the DVD. It was the most requested show, and now they don’t have to wait through 12 DVD series to get to it. They can have it first.


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