Gary Johnson
by Lynn Nusser

Gary, along with his brother produce the TV shows Doc and Sue Thomas – FB Eye. It’s refreshing hearing from a Christian producer.

Be sure to tune your televisions to PAX to watch these shows, which happen to be the two highest rated shows on PAX, and other great shows on that network.

Lynn: Doc is a great show. It’s one of my favorites, actually. How did Billy Ray Cyrus come to be a part of the show?

Gary:  Well, it’s pretty simple really. The casting director walked into our office one day and asked us if we would be interested in Billy Ray Cyrus. We said “no, not really,” because all we knew of him was “Achy Breaky,” and it just didn’t fit what we were looking for in the character of Doc. Well, the casting director came in a few days later and asked us if Billy Ray could fly out to read for the part, would we see him. Well, he made it out, came in and started talking to us, giving his testimony and we knew in the first few minutes that this was our guy. Up until then, we did not know he was a believer. My wife is a writer for Doc and Sue Thomas, and when I told her about Billy Ray, her response was the same: “No way.”

Lynn:  Where did the idea come from for Sue Thomas – FB Eye? Isn’t it based on her life?

Gary:  Yes, somewhat. The FBI cases are not real cases, and we are not using names of real people. But the show is about her life and her work with FBI surveillance using her lip-reading ability.

Lynn:  What TV shows do you like to watch?

Gary:  I enjoy watching Andy Griffith, Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart and The Wonder Years. You know you can watch these shows and be guaranteed to laugh or cry. It’s great TV. But newer shows that I like - Everybody Loves Raymond and Ed.

Lynn: Do you have children and, if so, do they like the same shows you watch?

Gary:  I don’t have any children, but my brother Dave has a son and a daughter, and they enjoy Doc and Sue Thomas – FB Eye.

Lynn:  Gary, thank you for your time, and we will encourage our readers to tune into PAX to watch all the great shows including Doc and Sue Thomas – FB Eye.