Frank Peretti
by Lynn Nusser

Interview with Hangman's Curse author (and actor) Frank Peretti, conducted by Preview reviewer Lynn Nusser.

Lynn: What is your opinion of Hollywood horror films?

Frank: They are mostly blood and gore. I don’t really like that. I prefer suspense. Hitchcock for example.

Lynn: Why do you think children are drawn to books and movies like Harry Potter?

Frank: It’s the fantasy aspect. But the bad thing is that it exposes witchcraft in a positive light.

Lynn: Why did you decide to act in Hangman’s Curse?

Frank: I have always wanted to act in movies. Besides, I wrote it.

Lynn: Who is your favorite author?

Frank: I don’t really have one. I like Michael Crichton. I like the technology and the suspenseful aspects of his books.

Lynn: What will viewers see in Hangman’s Curse besides teens bullying other teens?

Frank: A close family, people calling on the name of the Lord, people praying together, children respecting their parents. It will get kids thinking about truth, absolute truth.