Todd Komarnicki, Producer of Elf
by Lynn Nusser

Lynn: Todd, what is it like being a Christian writer, producer, director in Hollywood?

Todd: Well, I don’t know what it’s like not to be. I have been since I was 20, and I have never felt put in a position that I was alienated because of my faith.

Lynn: Why do you think Christian films are not more successful on the big screen?

Todd: I don’t feel like I can comment on any of them because I haven’t seen them.

Lynn: Why don’t Christian actors come out of the closet so to speak with their faith?

Todd: Faith is a personal thing. People in Hollywood are good-hearted people. Remember, Jesus said, “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

Lynn: I saw Elf and just loved it. What message do you want people to get from the movie?

Todd: That there is a place in this world for everyone. Buddy, the elf, just wants to give and give. Even though he has things against him — like he can’t do the elf job well, his father is on Santa’s naughty list, etc. - he remains an innocent. He continues to sow seeds of love. So this film says that there is power in finding your place in this world and love wins.

Lynn: What is next for Todd and the folks at A Guy Walks Into A Bar? I know you are working on Flash for the WB. What else is coming?

Todd: Yes, we are working on Flash, and we are working on a film about Vikings — kind of like Braveheart but about Vikings for 20th Century Fox.