War Zone, The
Entertainment: +1 1/2
Acceptability: -4

[Ed. Note: Listed as not yet rated by the MPAA, the content of this film would earn at least an R, if not an NC-17.]

In this new family drama by director Tim Roth, fifteen-year-old Tom (Freddie Cunliffe) is lonely and depressed after his family moves from London out to the country. Tom misses his friends and his school, but when his mother delivers her third child, the family comes together and Tom begins to adjust. One night after a shopping trip with his mother, however, Tom sees something that suggests a terrifying secret between his father (Ray Winstone) and seventeen-year-old sister Jessie (Lara Belmont). When he confronts his sister, she denies Toms accusations. But Tom remains suspicious and follows his father out of the house one night. Toms suspicions are confirmed when he sees him with his sister in an isolated bunker by the sea. Now Tom must do what he can to protect his sister and the rest of his family. THE WAR ZONE is well-directed with beautiful cinematography of the English coastline, but really elicits the dark, grim feel needed for the film. However, its difficult subject matter and limited release will keep people from running to see it.

While no film dealing with incest would be pleasant to sit through, first time director Tim Roth makes sure the audience cannot get comfortable during THE WAR ZONE. A few of the secular media have even accused Mr. Roth of being too exploitive in the film. Its easy to see why. One scene explicitly shows the act of incest taking place, with graphic nudity, sounds and motions. Several other scenes of nudity occur in the film, including full frontal male and female nudity in separate non-sexual bedroom scenes. Sixty f-words are also scattered throughout the movie. And, as the truth begins to come out, Jessie starts to crumble mentally. In one scene, she places a lighter to her breast in an attempt to punish herself with self-inflicted pain. With graphic nudity, an explicit incest scene, and foul language, THE WAR ZONE causes spiritual fatigue.

Preview Reviewer: John Adair
Distributor: Lot 47 Films, www.Lot47.com

Crude Language: Few (4) times All Moderate
Obscene Language: Many (65) times - F-word 60, s-word 3, other 2
Profanity: Once Regular (J)
Violence: Several times Moderate and severe (incredibly brutal rape/incest scene, car accident, brother and sister fight, girl burns breast, man stabbed)
Sexual Intercourse: Few times Graphic and implied (implied incest, implied between unmarried couple, explicit rape/incest scene between father and daughter)
Nudity: Several times (female breast during breast feeding/ in bathroom/ pictures/ bedroom, non-sexual male/female frontal and rear in bed, sexual nudity); Near Nudity Few times (woman in underwear)
Homosexual Conduct: None
Sexually Suggestive Action/Dialog: Several times - Graphic (references to sex and unconventional sex, reference to self gratification)
Drug Abuse: Many times (smoking, alcohol)
Other: Extremely difficult subject matter
Running Time: 99 minutes
Intended Audience: Adults

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