Barb Wire
Entertainment: +1
Acceptability: -3

Barb Wire (Pamela Anderson) is a female Mad Max, gun-toting, draped in ammo and spilling out of her black leather outfits. The year is 2017, and it's the middle of the Second Civil War. All cities are under martial law, except Steel Harbor, which is where Barb runs her own bar. The war is between the federal government and freedom resistance fighters. Barb used to be a freedom fighter but now is staying neutral. Then her ex-lover resurfaces, and Barb agrees to help overthrow the government. This corny, amateurish film is very tiresome.

Time and time again Anderson's breasts are shown in full view. When she is not falling out of her clothes, undressing or taking a bath, she is prancing around in brief leather underwear. She pretends to be a prostitute and dances at a topless bar. In one disgusting scene, a naked woman with electrodes attached to her body is tortured and shocked to death. Non-stop violence includes shooting, fist fighting and genitals crushed. Avoid BARB WIRE.

Preview Reviewer: Sherry Oswald
Distributor: Gramercy Pictures, 9247 Alden Dr., Beverly Hills CA 90210

Crude Language: Many (20) times - Mild 14, Moderate 6
Obscene Language: Several (9) times - all s-words
Profanity: Many (14) times - Regular 11 (GD, G), Exclamatory 3
Violence: Many times - Moderate and Severe (two people electrocuted, man blown up, fist and gun fights, hits to head, hanging, man's eyes plucked out, genitals kicked and crushed, shootings, broken neck)
Sexual Intercourse: None, but group sex implied once
Nudity: Many times (near female rear nudity, full breast nudity, near frontal nudity, girls in g-strings and revealing shirts)
Homosexual Conduct: Few times (women dancing together)
Sexually Suggestive Action/Dialog: Many times (references to rough sex, unconventional sex, genitals; sensual kissing)
Drug Abuse: Many times (alcohol drinking and cigarette smoking)
Running Time:
Intended Audience: Adults

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