Very Bad Things
Entertainment: +2
Acceptability: -4

When five guys get together for a bachelor party, everyone expects to enjoy themselves. Instead, everything goes horribly wrong. After a stripper arrives at the party, she is accidentally but comically killed. The best man, Robert Boyd (Christian Slater), convinces the other guys at the party that instead of dealing with the hassle of the police, they should bury the body in the desert. Meanwhile, a security guard from the hotel discovers the dead woman, so Boyd, trying to save himself, kills the guard. After burying the bodies in the desert, the men spend the rest of the week before the wedding worrying about who might find out or who will break the silence first. Cameron Diaz, who plays the bride, gives an outstanding comical performance, which could secure a moderate turn out at the box office. VERY BAD THINGS should especially appeal to those who are particularly fond of dark comedies.

Immediately after the main characters are introduced, a barrage of graphic violence begins. The first scene in which someone is killed turns out to be the bloodiest. Two people are killed, and in order to ease the transportation of the bodies, the guys decide to cut up the bodies into pieces and put them into suitcases. Although this is quite disgusting, the movie makes light of it, making a joke whenever an opportunity arises. The film also contains a graphic sex scene in which a man and woman are shown nude. This film also includes 138 f and s word, 43 crudities, and 26 regular profanities. All of this adds up to make VERY BAD THINGS a very bad movie that no one should see.

Preview Reviewer: John Adair
Distributor: Polygram Filmed Entertainment, 9333 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Crude Language: Many (43) times - Mild 19, Moderate 24
Obscene Language: Many (140) times (f-word 126, s-word 12, other 2)
Profanity: Many (31) times - Regular 26 (G 5, GD 16, JC 3, J 2); Exclamatory 5 (Christ's sake 3, Swear to God, God's sake)
Violence: Many times - Moderate, Severe, and Graphic (pushing and shoving several times, kicking and punching several times, man cut up in glass, woman sustains a head injury, man stabbed, bodies cut into pieces, man crushed by a car, woman bites man, man brutally beaten, man falls down stairs, head on car crash)
Sexual Intercourse: Once - Graphic (unmarried couple in bathroom)
Nudity: Once - graphic (male rear nudity and female breast/rear nudity while having sex; Near Nudity - several times (Low cut dresses, woman in undergarments, woman in short skirt)
Homosexual Conduct: None
Sexually Suggestive Action/Dialog: Many times (references made to having sex with prostitutes, stripper dances seductively)
Drug Abuse: Many times (smoking, alcohol, drugs)
Other: Premarital sex, drinking, smoking, drugs considered normal and acceptable, ethnic slurs (Jew 6, African-Americans 2, Hispanics 2), violent acts are glorified and become more acceptable throughout the film, one extremely graphic and bloody scene
Running Time: 99 minutes
Intended Audience: Adults

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