Dolphin Tale 2
Entertainment: +4
Acceptability: +3

Nathan Gamble, Harry Connick Jr, Cozi Zuehlsdorff, Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd. Family drama. Directed by Charles Martin Smith.

FILM SYNOPSIS: The team of people who saved Winter's life reassemble in the wake of her surrogate mother's passing in order to find her a companion so she can remain at the Clearwater Marine Hospital.

PREVIEW REVIEW: No memorable acting, no deep message, itís just a fun family film. Director Charles Martin Smith keeps the production moving along with a solid use of camera and a sensitive use of narrative. Several people I discussed the film with enjoyed it even more than its predecessor. I was glad to once again see a film that was free of (as my colleague Paula Parker said of D.T. 1), ďaliens, battling robots, super-human super heroes and drunken pirates.Ē

Preview Reviewer: Phil Boatwright
Distributor: Warner Bros.

Crude Language: None
Obscene Language: None
Profanity: None
Violence: It has some action and we are concerned with the survival of two dolphins, but it is not a violent film.
Sexual Intercourse: None
Nudity: Only the fish (sorry, ocean dwelling mammals).
Homosexual Conduct: None
Sexually Suggestive Action/Dialog: None
Drug Abuse: None
Other: None
Running Time: 95 minutes
Intended Audience: Family

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