In the Shadow of the Moon
Entertainment: +4
Acceptability: +4

Documentary from ThinkFilm. Opened 9/7/07 with a wider release scheduled.

FILM SYNOPSIS: The incisive documentary features the accounts of the surviving members of the Apollo teams who walked on the moon.

PREVIEW REVIEW: I was teenager, working a summer job as a performer at an amusement park, on July 20th, 1969, the day the first man walked on the moon. The management allowed me to make the announcement to the folks at the parks Opera House that the Apollo team had landed. What a roar of applause. This was really something. I mention this personal experience because it demonstrates how we were all united by NASAs endeavor. It was one of those defining moments when all of America stood together and was proud of being American. This documentary gives a fresh perspective of those achievements, allowing for the spiritual implications that affected the men on those explorations. At one point, we even hear Charles Duke from the Apollo 9 mission give his testimony. I couldnt believe my ears; a man was declaring his faith in Jesus Christ and there were no snickers from audience members. Indeed, my fellow moviegoers were moved, realizing that there is something far bigger than man, or even space itself.

One of the best film-going experiences of the year, In the Shadow of the Moon engages, uplifts and unites.

Preview Reviewer: Phil Boatwright
Distributor: ThinkFilm

Crude Language: None
Obscene Language: Two minor expletives, but no harsh language.
Profanity: None
Violence: We learn of the death of three astronauts, caused by a fire, and there are a couple of nerve-racking moments when another capsule is endangered.
Sexual Intercourse: None
Nudity: None
Homosexual Conduct: None
Sexually Suggestive Action/Dialog: None
Drug Abuse: None
Other: None
Running Time: 96 minutes
Intended Audience: Older Children and Up

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