Arthur and the Invisibles
Entertainment: +3
Acceptability: +3

Freddie Highmore, Mia Farrow, and the voices of David Bowie, Madonna and Snoop Dogg. Live action/animation. Written and directed by Luc Besson.

FILM SYNOPSIS: Ten-year-old Arthur lives on a nice farm with his loving grandmother. But Grandpa disappeared a while back and now a mean guy means to foreclose on their nice farm. Ah, but Grandpa was good enough to leave a treasure behind. If found, their money worries are over. Clues left behind suggest the treasure is in another realm governed by pixies called Mimimoys. Tiny, almost invisible, the Mimimoys have problems of their own. The land developer who aims to get the farm will bring serious changes to their cozy environment.

Smart boy Arthur discovers how to shrink himself in order to seek help from the fairy creatures. But before the happy ending, there come several perilous adventures for young Arthur and his pointy-eared pals.

PREVIEW REVIEW: Its reminiscent of Ferngully: The Last Rainforest, with a softer ecological message and without the zany wit of Robin Williams. Clever and energetic, its more adventure than comedy, but pleasant enough for kids bored with their recent Christmas morning haul.

Preview Reviewer: Phil Boatwright
Distributor: The Weinstein Company

Crude Language: None.
Obscene Language: None.
Profanity: None.
Violence: Several comic book action sequences with our little heroes in many perilous situations, but the filmmaker is careful not to assault his intended childrens audience.
Sexual Intercourse: None.
Nudity: None.
Homosexual Conduct: None.
Sexually Suggestive Action/Dialog: None.
Drug Abuse: None.
Other: Arthurs parents are away, having to work and unable to care for their son. Arthur and his grandmother are faced with eviction. Parents should attend in order to reassure during the action sequences.
Running Time: 102 minutes
Intended Audience: Family, especially children.

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