Entertainment: +2
Acceptability: -2 1/2

In this romantic comedy, Luke (Steven Strait) and Brier (Pell James), a singer/songwriter anda model, are young adults searching for love and success. Each moves to Los Angeles hoping to be discovered. Luke performs in aclub, and fellow singer Clea (Ashlee Simpson) brings Brier to the club and introduces her to Luke. A spark is kindled even though Brier has a rock star for a boyfriend. Cleaand Brier decide to create a buzz to help Luke's career. Brier gets out-of-work actors to impersonate famouspeople at the club and then act like they want to sign Luke. His pictureends up in the tabloids, resulting in a contract with a recording company who later drops him, leading him on a downwardspiral. On the day Brier boardsthe plane to go back home, Luke realizes he can't live without her.

The four maincharacters drink socially but aren't alcoholics. Drinking and smoking occur throughout since most of the movieis centered on the club and modeling scenes. And at point, one man offers another a horse tranquilizer to get high. Although Luke andBrier are portrayed as nice people who wantsomething better than the club scene and aspire to settling down one day, neither has Christian views or values. Brier is shown topless with her back to the camera, and then she faces the camera with her hands covering her breasts. Due to some bad language, several sex scenes, some sexual dialog, and women dirty dancing in thonglike shorts, Preview cannot recommend this movie for the family.

Preview Reviewer: Renee Borner
Distributor: Lion's Gate

Crude Language: Many (11) times - mild (hell2, damn3); strong (-ss 4, b-tch 2)
Obscene Language: Several (6) times- mild (pee 1); moderate (cr-p 3, p-ss 1); strong (eat me 1)
Profanity: Once - moderate (oh L 1)
Violence: Once (moderate -fighting 1)
Sexual Intercourse: Many times - mild (couple in bed with sex implied, sensualkissing, dirty dancing);moderate (promotion of premarital sex or promiscuity several times)
Nudity: Several times - mild (women in underwear, lingerie and revealing swimwear; toplesswoman with back to camera; man in towel)
Homosexual Conduct: None
Sexually Suggestive Action/Dialog: Several times - mild (suggestive look);moderate (dancing ladies in thonglike shorts bent over withtheir buttocksto camera, dirty dancing)
Drug Abuse: Several times - mild (drinking and smoking, hangover shown several times); moderate (drunkenness portrayed as cool and having no consequences); strong(man uses horse tranquilizer to get high)
Other: None
Running Time: 92 minutes
Intended Audience: Adults

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