Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo
Entertainment: +1
Acceptability: -4

After a six-year absence, Rob Schneider returns in his comedic role as Deuce Bigalow. While working as a professional fish-tank cleaner, Deuce reluctantly returns to his pleasure-for-pay profession after an idiotic event involving visually-impaired, senior-citizen swimmers. His former manager, T.J. Hicks (Eddie Griffin), is under suspicion for the murders of several European gigolos in Amsterdam. To clear Hick’s name, Deuce goes back to work as a gigolo to find the real killer. He goes up against the powerful and unfriendly European Union of Prosti-dudes. His work brings him female clients who have a host of abnormal issues, much to Deuce’s dismay. After finding the black book of one of the gigolos, Deuce desperately searches for each of the women listed in the book to see if he can find the real killer.Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo is a movie to offend. The onslaught of profanity coupled with nonstop sexual language and innuendos is exhausting. When Deuce hooks up with his friend T.J. Hicks in Amsterdam, he finds a drug-crazed city with legal prostitution. Bigalow spends time with several women desiring the services of a gigolo, and all of them have various disorders: a case of acute obsessive-compulsiveness, a baby fetish, a humpback, extremely large ears, and a penis for a nose that grows when a woman is excited. Another woman is covered with feces. One of the European gigolos is saddened when he finds out that they can no longer have sex with underage girls. Several other scenes include men urinating and defecating on city streets. There are no redeeming qualities in this grotesque movie. Thankfully, the onslaught lasts only 77 minutes.

Preview Reviewer: Henry J. Rogers
Distributor: Columbia Pictures

Crude Language: Many (60+) times – mild (hell 1, damn 3); moderate (b-stard 1); strong (-ss 12, b-tch 10, wh-re 30+)
Obscene Language: Many (35+) times – moderate (big hairy b-lls 2, n-t sack 1, p-nis 10+, bl-w job 1); strong (f-word 4, s-word 7, d-ck 5, p-ssy 3, other 2)
Profanity: Several (5) times – strong (GD 5)
Violence: Few times – moderate (midget thrown through window, male prostitutes killed)
Sexual Intercourse: Few times – moderate (many men and a donkey are lined up to have sex with a woman in a porn movie, woman in bra and panties enters bedroom to have sex with a man)
Nudity: Few times – mild (female newscaster seen topless with panties, several women in bras and panties); moderate (woman in thong, man seen nude from behind)
Homosexual Conduct: Several times – mild (man repeatedly referred to as being a gay pimp); moderate (man offers to have unconventional sex with another man, several scenes with a man putting his hand down another man’s pants, man holding a charred penis)
Sexually Suggestive Action/Dialog: Several times – mild (woman asks man to kiss her chest); strong (woman with penis for a nose sneezes, and semen comes out; man talks about sex with underage girls; woman’s orgasmic moaning heard during the shoot of a porn movie)
Drug Abuse: Several times – moderate (coffee shop with pot smoking permitted, truck delivering marijuana to a child’s party)
Other: Men urinate and defecate on city streets, man wears a diaper in a fetish scene with a woman, man eats French fries out of a toilet
Running Time: 77 minutes
Intended Audience: Teens and Adults

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